Record: 59-80

Team Stats

  • Batting Average – .262 (5 of 14)
  • On Base Percentage – .325 (7 of 14)
  • Slugging Percentage – .383 (5 of 14)
  • ERA – 4.48 (12 of 14)
  • WHIP – 1.40 (10 of 14)
  • Walk % – 9.3% (11 of 14)
  • Strikeout % – 20.5% (7 of 14)

Dayton got off to an incredibly slow start in April, beginning the season 1-12. From that point forward though, they were just a slightly below average team. The team was an average team at the plate, but the pitching was toward the bottom of the league.  They made a run at the playoffs in the second half but fell short during the last week of the season.

Individual Positon Players

Byron Wiley led the team in OPS by 50 points. The outfielder hit for a .275/.395/.461 line in Dayton. Wiley coupled his 16.3% walk rate with a 24.5% strikeout rate. The strikeout rate is high, but as long as he continues to show that power and walk rate he can get away with it.

Josh Fellhauer was a midseason addition for the Dragons from the 2009 Draft. The center fielder went on to hit .280/.351/.453 with a 7.2% walk rate and a 12.9% strikeout rate.

Cody Puckett was the best slugger on the team this season. The 2nd baseman hit .271 with 35 doubles, 1 triple and 19 HR’s. He also stole 19 bases and was only caught once. Puckett struggled some with the plate discipline though as his walk rate was just 7.2% and his strikeout rate was 25.7%.

Alex Oliveras was another midseason call up to Dayton who performed well. The 20 year old outfielder hit .307/.317/.443 with Dayton in 142 plate appearances. With an incredibly low 1.4% walk rate and a 21.8% strikeout rate, Oliveras has some work to do in his plate approach. The bright side is, everywhere else he has been has been acceptable in that department.

Carlos Mendez manned 3B or 1B for most of the Dragons season. The 22 year old hit .308/.345/.407 on the season. Mendez showed excellent bat control with a 5.8% walk rate and a 10.1% strikeout rate.

Kevin Coddington was one of the biggest surprises this season for the Reds farm system. The 44th round draft pick hit for a .278 average on the year after floating around .300 most of the season. The catcher struck out 15.3% of the time and walked 6% of the time.

Miguel Rojas made dramatic improvements at the plate this season for Dayton. The Dragons 20 year old shortstop hit .273/.326/.339, but from May until the end of the season the best defensive shortstop in the league hit .294/.362/.386 with 34 walks and 34 strikeouts.

Best Positional Prospect

It really is a tough call between Miguel Rojas and Josh Fellhauer for this one. I think I am going to lead toward Rojas on this one though because he has the plus defense at shortstop and his plate approach is more than strong. If he can develop even a little more power over the next few years he has a legit chance to be a starting shortstop in the major leagues for a long time.

Individual Pitchers

Mark Serrano (pictured above) came up midseason after the draft and pitched brilliantly. While he only threw 49 innings for Dayton, they were dominant. His 2.20 ERA would have led the team and his 28.9% strikeout rate would have been best among anyone with a single start. Coupled with the high strikeout rate he also posted a 6% walk rate and 4.75 to 1 K/BB rate.

Jordan Hotchkiss seemed to take the Jeremy Horst path this year in Dayton. As a reliever from April through June the 6’4″ righty posted a 3.86 ERA with a 6.7% walk rate and a 20.1% strikeout rate. However when July rolled around Hotchkiss began to get more innings and starts and from July until the end of the season he posted a 2.09 ERA with a 22.9% strikeout rate and a 3.9% walk rate.

Mace Thurman helped the bullpen out a ton in the first half before earning a promotion after posting a 2.93 ERA with a 27.3% strikeout rate and an 8.6% walk rate.

Matt Fairel was easily the most valuable pitcher on the Dragons this year. The lefty threw 110.2 innings for the Dragons with a 2.93 ERA to go along with his 23% strikeout rate and a 7.9% walk rate.

20 year old Ezequiel Infante made his presence felt in the second half as he threw 52.1 innings of 3.44 ERA baseball. The lefty posted a 4.2% walk rate to go along with his 21.7% strikeout rate and 51% groundball rate.

Josh Ravin seems like he has been around forever, but he is still just 21 years old. Arguably Ravin has the best arm on the Dragons, but he still struggles with his consistency from start to start. The big righty posted a 3.89 ERA with a 19.2% strikeout rate and an 11.6% walk rate.

JC Sulbaran is another impressive young arm, but like Ravin he also struggled with his consistency from start to start. For the season Sulbaran posted a 5.24 ERA with a 23.4% strikeout rate and an 11.9% walk rate. His biggest issue was allowing the long ball, as he gave up 19 home runs in 92.2 innings.

Aguido Gonzalez dominated at times out of the Dragons bullpen. He posted a 4.25 ERA with Dayton, but his 30.4% strikeout rate was very high though his walk rate of 13.3% was also a bit high. The lefty got a late season promotion to Sarasota.

Some other relievers who helped the Dragons would be Scott Gaffney and his 3.88 ERA with a 201.% strikeout rate and 8.8% walk rate. Hector Santana and Justin Walker both posted ERA’s under 3.00 in under 30 innings each. 3rd round pick Donnie Joseph had an ERA of 4.35 that was much stronger until the last week of the season.

Best Pitching Prospect

Mark Serrano has to be my guy for right now. He doesn’t have the best arm of the guys, or even the best raw stuff. He does have good stuff though to go with excellent control of his pitches. While he is going to be 24 next season, he will likely be fast tracked, but he has the skills to make that type of movement through the system.

Overall Impression

The Dragons had some good talent come through, but the inconsistency of the starting pitching is likely what led them to missing out on the playoffs. The number of good prospects on the team was fine, but it was really boosted by 2nd half additions of Oliveras, Fellhauer, Joseph and Serrano.

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