I went through and broke down a little bit of data on our pitchers. First guy was Mike Leake. In his case I just wanted to show his velocity as it as the game goes along with his fastball.

Mike Leake

Leake does seem to get his velocity up in each start as he throws more and more fastballs. Given that he hasn’t even gone 5 innings yet, it is a good sign that hopefully continues next year as he begins to add more innings.

Brad Boxberger has been criticized as having stamina problems. Looking at his fastball in the same fashion as I did with Mike Leake’s we can see a clear trend that he does lose velocity as he throws more fastballs.

Brad Boxberger

Short of his third game where he only threw 13 pitches, Boxberger loses velocity in each game, sometimes in a big drop off from start to finish.

With the two relievers I wanted to look at things a little bit differently. Logan Ondrusek is an interesting case here. He has thrown 86 pitches that have been registered by Pitch F/X. A total of four pitches have been less than 89 MPH. The four pitches were split evenly between two sliders and two change ups.

Sean Watson has been less successful with his fastball than his offspeed pitches. Watson has only 18% called or swinging strikes with his fastball, while his change up is at 45% for the same criteria although he has only registered 11 such pitches. Watson’s slider is at 28% for called and swinging strikes. Perhaps he would be better served to mix in a few more offspeed pitches instead of a few fastballs. Or maybe we are just experiencing some small sample size fluctuation here. This data doesn’t include his stint today which took place as I was typing this.

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