Todd Frazier entered the year as one of the Reds highest rated prospects and he didn’t do much to change that in the 2009 season. After spending the 2008 season split between Dayton and Sarasota, 2009 was split at the next two levels. Here is what Frazier’s stat line looked like in 2009

569 514 68 150 45 2 16 77 9 8 48 79 .292 .351 .481 .832

Seasonal Breakdown

Todd’s 2009 season looks much like a bell curve. He began April off by hitting .304 but didn’t show much power and only drew four walks leading to a .742 OPS in the month. However the left fielder at the time caught fire in May and scorched the ball to the tune of a .343/.383/.565 line during the month with 13 doubles in the month. Frazier slowed down a tad in June as he would hit .290/.383/.490 but had 15 walks to just 11 strikeouts.  July saw another slight decline come with a slash line of .270/.323./.506 where Todd had 5 HR’s, the most of any month. August was the worst month in Carolina for Frazier who was now playing second base as he hit just .227 in the month, but still earned a promotion to Louisville who was moving toward the playoffs. Though he only played 9 games in August for the Bats they were impactful as Frazier posted a .931 OPS. September saw just a few games as well before the playoffs rolled around.

Here is what Todd’s season looked like after each game for his slash line

Frazier saw his all of his rates stay at very respectable rates all season long. As the season went along there was a slow decline that was steady. Overall though it was very consistent. Lets look at how his peripherals for the season.

Frazier saw his walk rate climb throughout the year steadily. For half of the year his strikeout rate was consistent, but it began to creep upward from that point until the end of the season. Power began on the low end but also steadily went up as the season progressed.

Spray Chart

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