The 2009 season began with Chris Heisey as a solid prospect who had done well as a pro since being drafted in the 17th round of the 2006 draft. The 2009 season ended with him having launched himself into top prospect conversations with the Reds as well as having one of the most successful seasons in all of minor league baseball. Here is what the combined stat line looks like for Chris Heisey’s 2009 season:

585 516 91 162 35 3 22 77 21 3 48 77 .314 .379 .521 .900

Heisey began the year in Carolina with the Mudcats and had an incredible month of April. He followed it up with another incredible month in May. Over the first two months of the season Heisey hit .385/.463/.620 with 25 walks and 2 more doubles than strikeouts (16 doubles, 14 strikeouts). When June rolled around Heisey slowed down some, but still put up solid numbers with Carolina as he hit .279/.357/.477 while earning a promotion to Louisville toward the end of the month. Now in Louisville Heisey put up a .306/.336/.477 line in a week of June and all of July. The walk rate went from 11.6% in Carolina to 5.7% in Louisville over that span. August and September were more of the same as the outfielder hit .268/.339/.463 with a 6.5% walk rate.

Here is how Heisey’s traditional slash line looked after each game of 2009

Heisey clearly saw a steady decline throughout the season, but after such a phenomenal start that is expected. Lets look at how his peripheral stats looked after each game.

The power seemed to lower as the season progressed. The walk and strikeout rates went in opposite directions as the season progressed for Heisey, though at the end of the year finished as strong rates overall.

Here is the spray chart for Heisey in 2009

One thing I noticed while going through all of the data is that all 22 HR’s that Heisey were hit were pulled to left field. The chart clearly indicates that he is a pull hitter overall, but the fact that no HR’s went to CF or RF all season for someone with 22 HR’s seemed a bit strange to me.

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