has launched its draft coverage, which can be found here.

John Fay thinks that Mondays injury to Aroldis Chapman puts him out of the #5 starters race. He doesn’t think that Chapman will have the time to work his stamina up to the right point with this set back to come north with the team. I think this could be the best thing to happen for Chapman and the Reds. It takes the pressure off of him.

Corey Brinn has up some new videos up on youtube and has some pictures of the minor league clubhouse over at his site. Matt Fairel, Billy Hamilton, Trey Manz and Dayne Read are in the videos. I timed Billy Hamilton from home to first at 4.0 seconds. That would be considered above average on its own, but lets also consider that he was rounding the bag on this video and its even more impressive.

Logan Parker checks in over at Redleg Nation from spring training.

I guess I will take this time today to say that I am going to be unveiling a subscriber portion of the site in April that will basically be a scouting database for all of the players that I get reports on from this point forward. There will be more on this in the coming two weeks, but it will tie in with the prospect book as well.

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