The chat will start at 3pm and go through most of the game. When the chat starts I will push the chat to the top of the page.

The most exciting thing for me today is that we get Pitch F/X data for both Mike Leake and Travis Wood. We have limited data on Leake, but we have absolutely none of Travis Wood. I can’t wait to get into the data, even if it is just spring training data.

Speaking of Travis Wood and Mike Leake, John Fay thinks that it is likely down to those two for the 5th starter spot unless they get roughed up between now and Opening Day. Jocketty wouldn’t go that far though, noting that Matt Maloney and Justin Lehr could still be in the race. For me though, it seems that its really down to Maloney or Wood. Both are on the 40 man roster as it is, so no move would need to be made to put them in Cincinnati.

MLB Fanhouse’s Ed Price looks at Mike Leake in his latest piece. Here is the opening line to the article, and I thought it was pretty funny:

Wouldn’t it be something if the first player from the 2009 draft to reach the majors was a right-hander from San Diego, and he wasn’t named Strasburg?

Price notes that while Leake is a long shot, he is still in the race.

We got some updates on the AAA game from the Louisville Bats twitter page. Here is how the guys performed yesterday:

  • Zack Cozart went 2-5 with a HR.
  • Chris Heisey went 3-4 with a double and HR.
  • Yonder Alonso went 2-4.
  • Todd Frazier went 2-5 with a double.
  • Danny Dorn went 3-4 with a double.

Here is how the prospects performed in the Reds game.

  • Miguel Rojas went 1-2.
  • Juan Francisco went 1-2.
  • Denis Phipps went 1-1.
  • Chris McMurray went 1-1.
  • Sean Watson allowed 2 runs in 1.1 innings.
  • Joseph Krebs pitched a perfect inning of work.

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