No chat today. Its my birthday and I am going to try and get up a bunch of video today instead of the chat. I figured you guys would like that a little more.

The Reds have released some more players at the end of spring training. Here is the list from Baseball America:

Released: RHP Arshwin Asjes, RHP Josh Beal, RHP Forest Cannon, RHP Ramon Geronimo, RHP Adian Kummet, RHP Luis Montano, RHP Zach Ward, RHP Kip Wells, RHP Jake Wiley, C Jason Bour, 1B Dave Stewart, 2B Yen-Wen Kuo, OF Tony Brown, OF Albert Laboy, OF Kevin West

I was really surprised by a few guys, especially Brown, Kuo and Stewart who was a draft pick just last season.

My thoughts on some of the players from the Dragons game last night:

Di Di Gregorius

Had a great debut last night. Offensively he looked like he had a little more pop in his bat than I had thought. He is very fast. Defensively there wasn’t a ball hit to an area that challenged him, so I can’t say one way or the other how good his defense was, but he made the plays last night on the balls hit near him.

Henry Rodriguez

Showed off good speed getting down the line. Not too sure on his defense at second base yet. He certainly has the arm for it, but he only had one play where I was looking for him to show something and I had a bad view of the play unfortunately. I think he will probably need to adjust his hands a little sooner with his swing to get full potential out of his bat.

Andrew Means

We all knew he was fast, as seen by his 4.3 40 yard dash time at last years NFL scouting combine, but what impressed me the most was his bat speed. There was one swing in particular that just kind of blew me away at how fast he swung the bat. Defensively, the guy can go get it.

Mark Fluery

He seems to stand almost straight up while at the plate, its an interesting stance to say the least. He hit the ball well last night despite going 0’fer.

Kevin Coddington

Had 2 HR’s all of last season and both came in the final week of the year. First at bat this season hit an absolute blast of a HR. Good bat control from him.

Alex Oliveras

Last season in Dayton he walked just twice in 145 plate appearances. Last night he should have walked twice, but had a questionable called strike three in a full count.  His plate discipline looked much better than last year where he seemed to want to go up and just hit the ball, rather than wait for his pitch to hit.

Josh Ravin

Ravin’s pure stuff is very good. It was a bit cold last night and his fastball was working 88-91 while topping out at 92 a couple of times. His curveball was his out pitch though and was very good at times. He was also throwing a change up in the 79-81 range. His control was spotty at best. He had 7 strikeouts, and his stuff was clearly working well enough to fool the hitters, but he also had 4 walks because he struggled to throw strikes often.

Donnie Joseph

I am not going to say its time to panic just yet, but unless the Dayton gun was way off in the  11th inning but right the rest of the game (including the bottom of the 11th), Donnie Joseph was throwing in the mid 80’s and topped out at 87 MPH twice (including once in warm ups). The results were good, but its something to keep an eye on considering he was throwing 91-93 last season in Dayton.

Justin Walker

Pitched great out of the bullpen, giving the Dragons 6.1 innings of relief! Talk about a ‘long guy out of the pen’. His fastball was 85-88 MPH and threw a real slow curve in the 69-73 range.

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