It is that time of year again (actually a month later than usual). In the past I have gone 40 deep on the prospect list, but I am only going to go 25 players deep online this year and save the rest for the book (which should be here soon, my print sample is on its way and as long as everything looks good the order will be placed).

25. Daniel Corcino – RHP – 19 years old – A

Background: NDFA – January 2008

The Good: Above average fastball velocity and a good breaking ball.

Needs to work on: Change up is below average, control is a little below average right now.

24. Felix Perez – OF – 25 years old – AA

Background: NDFA – May 2010

The Good: He has solid tools across the board and his production was good outside of a short stretch upon returning from injury.

Needs to work on: Showing up quickly as his age is going to be a limiting factor very soon.

23. Cody Puckett – 2B/OF – 23 years old – AA

Background: 8th round – 2008 Draft

The Good: His power is legit and his bat has a chance to play in a corner outfield spot or at second base.

Needs to work on: Finding a full time position defensively as he isn’t likely to play 2B in the Majors, but has limited experience in the outfield.

22. Danny Dorn – 1B/LF – 25 years old – AAA

Background: 32nd round – 2006 Draft

The Good: He can flat out kill right handed pitching and has a solid plate approach.

Needs to work on: Time is running out and the Reds don’t seem interested in giving him a shot. Hitting left handed pitchers would boost his value.

21. Sam LeCure – RHP – 26 years old – MLB

Background: 4th round – 2005 Draft

The Good: He is close to the Majors, has multiple average pitches and knows how to pitch.

Needs to work on: Pitching from the bullpen as the Reds likely don’t have the room for him to start in the Majors.

That is the start of the list. More to come tomorrow.

*Ages are listed as the age they played the 2010 season at*

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