Just in case you missed it, yesterday Baseball America released their Reds Top 10 Prospects. The biggest surprise was Billy Hamilton being ranked ahead of Devin Mesoraco.The biggest note is from Kyle Lotzkar’s scouting report where it’s said that he has cleaned up his mechanics. While that may be a bit true, the big issue that most had with his mechanics when he was drafted as how he hyperabducted his arm (elbow gets higher than his shoulder when he loads in his wind up). He is still doing that, and because of it, I am still incredibly worried that he will be a serious injury risk moving forward.

Today, The Hardball Times released their Reds Top 10 Fantasy Prospects. Not the best informed list on the Reds, as the writer believes that Cody Puckett’s permanent home is at second base. There is also a Reds Top 10 players under 26 list that includes Major and Minor Leaguers.

John Sickels is going to finish his team Top 20’s today, which means that tomorrow I will have up all of the information on the farm system rankings as far as how John ranks them. It is always¬† a fun project to handle and a solid way to rank the farm systems.

Non minor league related, Barry Larkin gained ground his second year on the ballot for the Hall of Fame yesterday. There is a chance that he could get in next year, but I think that at worst he gets in by 2013. It is still a laugh to me that guys aren’t a Hall of Famer one year, but are 2-4 years down the line.

The Reds Winter Caravan is kicking off at the end of this month. Here are the minor leaguers who will be on the different tours:  Devin Mesoraco (Western Tour), Yasmani Grandal (Southern Tour) and Todd Frazier (Northern Tour). You can get more information by going here.

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