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Minor League Ball’s Ray Guilfoyle has up an article up on Billy Hamilton and Dee Gordon. It is a little bit fantasy related, but a lot of it works for real world baseball too. I posted some comments already, there will probably be plenty more by the time I wake up and this is posted. writer Mark Sheldon has up an article on Dave Sappelt. It goes into his rebuilt swing that he worked on with his college coach, as well as growing up with a batting cage in his yard for his entire life. Go give it a read.

Kevin Goldstein tweeted that Daniel Corcino would have ranked in his Reds prospects somewhere between 21-30 if his list had gone that far over at Baseball Prospectus.

John Fay has up an article on his blog that has notes on Jerry Gil, Chris Valaika and the pitchers listed for the intrasquad game on Saturday.

Here’s the lineup for the intrasquad game on Saturday: Travis Wood will throw two innings. Daryl Thompson, Jerry Gil, Matt Klinker, Logan Ondrusek, Jordan Smith, Philippe Valiquette, Jeremy Horst and Donnie Joseph for one.

Lots of interesting arms in that group, mostly from the minor league side of things. Should make the first game action even a little more fun to follow.

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