The Reds have acquired Kyle McCulloch from the Chicago White Sox for future cash considerations. Kyle McCulloch is a former first round pick from 2006, but has not performed as well as his draft spot would suggest. He just turned 26 years old earlier this week and has a career 4.54 ERA in the minor leagues with 340 strikeouts and 196 walks in 605 career minor league innings. He has not reached the Major Leagues yet. The scouting reports on him are that he is a finesse type pitcher who works mostly in the high 80’s with his fastball and mixes in a good change up and a splitter. It is an interesting move considering how deep the Reds are in AAA with pitching, but I wouldn’t expect much from this move as a starter. It could be interesting to see if he comes out of the bullpen though and to see how he could transition to that move and perhaps move his fastball up a notch or two and allow his good change up to play well off of it.

Baseball America ranked the Reds farm system as the 6th best system in baseball. That seems pretty accurate to me. What do you guys think? (The Louisville Bats official Front Office blog) has the entire list at the link above.

Here is how the prospects performed in the Reds loss to the Padres:

Slow news day today. I bought a telephoto lens for the baseball season this afternoon. I can’t wait to get it and be able to use it for both photos and videos. We are only two weeks away from the start of the minor league season. I plan to be in Dayton on Opening night. I may be in Louisville for the second game of the year as well. I am amped up for some minor league baseball!

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