Louisville Bats: 67-63 overall, 587 runs scored, 566 runs allowed.

Louisville continues to head downhill in a slow, but steady path. Since the Reds began making call ups, starting with Zack Cozart, the Bats are 18-23. There have been a few guys who have come up or come back who have helped alleviate the holes created by the call ups. Denis Phipps has continued to make strong contact when he does put the bat on the ball, hitting .360/.392/.605 in 114 at bats since being called up. Juan Francisco came off of the DL and has hit .373/.382/.687 over that time. Devin Mesoraco has had an interesting 10 game stretch, hitting just .241 in that time frame. However he also has 10 walks (.450 OBP) and a .517 slugging percentage thanks to as many extra base hits (4) as strikeouts. Jerry Gil has been strong over the last three months of the season, posting a 1.87 ERA in his last 33.2 innings pitched with 13 walks and 30 strikeouts. Brad Boxberger has been strong over his last 10 games, posting a 1.46 ERA with 14 strikeouts in 12.1 innings. He has lowered his ERA to 3.74 with Louisville in 19 games with 27 strikeouts. Louisville is tied for second place in the West Division, but are 13 games back with an elimination number of 2 for the division. They are 6 games back with an elimination number of 9 for the wild card.

Carolina Mudcats: 25-30 overall (2nd half), 309 runs scored, 307 runs allowed.

The Mudcats continue to perform incredibly better than their first half, but they are struggling to get back to .500. For about two weeks now, they seemingly win one and lose one. The Mudcats are in third place in the second half and 9 games back with an elimination number of 6. So, there is still a chance, but they are likely to be fighting to finish over .500 rather than making the playoffs over the last two and a half weeks of the season. While their record is not very good, the team has a pretty strong line up. Quintin Berry has been the leadoff man and is up to .302/.398/.426 on the year. Henry Rodriguez has fought his way up to a .299/.363/.402 line since being called up (251 AB’s). Eric Campbell has an .836 OPS as a Mudcat in 210 at bats. Neftali Soto has been slumping in August (.750 OPS), but still has an .868 OPS on the year and is second in the league in HR’s with an outside chance to winning the league HR crown (4 behind the leader with 2 and a half weeks left and the leader no longer in the league). Didi Gregorius has only been up for about a month, but is hitting .280/.330/.387. Bill Rhinehart has absolutely crushed the ball since coming over in the Gomes trade, hitting .342/.420/.618 in 76 at bats. Yasmani Grandal is the best prospect on the team and recently came off of the DL. The catcher is hitting .295/.352/.481 in 129 at bats. The every day line up is very interesting to watch. The pitching staff has not been very good.

Bakersfield Blaze: 27-29 (2nd half), 282 runs scored, 293 runs allowed.

The Blaze are 7 games back in the second half standings with an elimination number of 8 games. Offensively the team has been pieced together in the second half after multiple promotions to AA. Kevin Coddington has stepped up at the catchers position, hitting .362/.402/.521 in 94 at bats in the second half. Devin Lohman, after struggling for Dayton and showing some good signs in Billings was sent to Bakersfield and has hit .301/.370/.506 in 25 games for the Blaze. On the mound, JC Sulbaran, Mark Serrano and Tim Crabbe have been holding down the rotation. Sulbaran has a 4.00 ERA in the second half with 18 walks and 53 strikeouts in 54 innings. Tim Crabbe has posted a 4.04 ERA in the second half with 29 walks and 68 strikeouts in 62.1 innings pitched. Mark Serrano has a 4.48 ERA in 76.1 innings in the second half with 28 walks and 76 strikeouts.

Dayton Dragons: 37-18 (2nd half), 307 runs scored, 201 runs allowed.

The Dragons have been the best team in the system on the year, sitting at 19 games over .500 on the year (finished at .500 in the first half). Ronald Torreyes has seemingly been a huge spark plug for the Dragons. He played only two games in the first half and has hit .359/.407/453 on the year (223 at bats). David Vidal is hitting .295/.387/.520 in the second half of the year with 25 walks and 34 strikeouts. Billy Hamilton has hit .285/.360/.346 in the second half of the year. His power has dropped off, but his plate approach is much stronger. As for the pitching staff, for the most part, they have been flat out incredible. Here is a chart with their season stats:

Daniel Wolford 6 1 1.34 1 60.2 51 1 20 70 1.17
Drew Hayes 1 2 1.50 21 54.0 25 2 25 81 0.93
Mitch Clarke 3 1 1.78 0 30.1 24 0 11 20 1.15
Blaine Howell 3 1 2.12 8 59.1 46 1 31 55 1.30
Chad Rogers 6 4 2.98 0 60.1 49 3 22 66 1.18
Josh Smith 11 7 3.09 0 125.1 108 7 31 145 1.11
Daniel Corcino 9 6 3.25 0 124.2 112 8 29 139 1.13
Brian Pearl 0 0 3.27 0 22.0 22 2 5 29 1.23
Stalin Gerson 5 1 3.60 0 55.0 58 8 15 41 1.33
Pat Doyle 6 4 4.04 1 71.1 78 6 28 85 1.49
Kyle Lotzkar 2 1 4.62 0 50.2 38 5 16 58 1.07

Billings Mustangs: 32-27 overall, 357 runs scored, 329 runs allowed.

The Mustangs are in a three way tie for first place in the second half with a record of 12-9. The other team in the division is 5 games back. Sean Buckley continues to lead the Mustangs offense, hitting .287/.371/.574 on the year with a league leading 14 HR’s. Nick O’Shea has also been a staple for the offense, hitting .302/.339/.560 on the year. Juan Perez and Bryson Smith were both called up from Arizona and have both posted an OPS over .900 in limited time. Juan Silva has been hot in his last 10 games, hitting .378/.465/.541. Kyle Waldrop has been strong in the second half with the bat, kind of. He is hitting .361/.370/.653 in 18 second half games. The bat looks strong, but he does have 20 strikeouts without a walk in 72 at bats. Junior Arias has been strong in the second half as well, hitting .288/.356/.500 in 18 games. Tony Cingrani has led the starting pitchers with a 1.84 ERA in 29.1 innings with 4 walks and 45 strikeouts. Radhames Quezada has posted a 3.83 ERA in 49.1 innings with 12 walks and 55 strikeouts.

AZL Reds: 28-22 overall, 302 runs scored, 293 runs allowed.

The Reds are 2.5 games out of first place and have an elimination number of 5 games. They do lead the wildcard by one game with 6 games left. Steven Selsky has been on fire since making his debut for the Arizona club 16 games ago. He has hit .344/.438/.705 with 10 walks and 11 strikeouts. Juan Perez was promoted just four games ago, but had hit .346/.424/.496 in 154 PA’s before his call up. Brennan May is hitting .285/.364/.530 in 173 PA’s. Brandon Dailey has been a staple of the offense as well, hitting .322/.408/.443. The bullpen has a pair of stud reliever in Christopher Joyce and Alejandro Chacin, who have a 1.20 ERA and 1.40 ERA in a combined 34.1 innings with 51 combined strikeouts.