Well, Baseball America threw me for a loop yesterday when they switched the days that they were going to release the league Top 20’s for the Carolina and California Leagues. So, later this afternoon I will be back to post about any of the Reds players who make the California League Top 20 prospects. If Yasmani Grandal is eligible, I am sure he will be there. If he doesn’t qualify, I could see the Reds being shut out.


Yasmani Grandal was the only player to make the list from the Blaze, coming in at #10.  No big surprise at all. He was easily the best prospect on the team.

The Hardball Times released their final part of the Top 100 Fantasy Rankings. Both Yonder Alonso and Yorman Rodriguez make the cut.

84: Yonder Alonso/OF/Cincinnati Reds/4-8-87/ETA: Arrived
Forecast Notes: Modest power and average but no exceptional quality.
Current Level: Majors
Scouting Notes: Alonso is a finished product for the most part, and thus, his floor is about what you see. His home run rate in the majors won’t last, as he is more of a high teens home run hitter than one pacing for 30 plus. His hitting is good enough that he may be capable of flirting with .300 annually. He’s playing outfield now because he’s blocked at first base by Joey Votto, but make no mistake about it, he’s a first baseman in the outfield.

If he isn’t traded in the offseason to a team in need of a first baseman, he’ll find himself battling Chris Heisey for playing time in Cincinnati and will almost certainly be lifted regularly for a defensive replacement late in games he does start. If he is dealt, his value will take a huge hit as soon as he sheds outfield eligibility.

Potentially further hurting his future value would be a change in home ballparks. Few parks enhance home run hitting as much as Great American Ballpark, so any move likely will hurt his already modest power potential. Think Gaby Sanchez type value with a touch more average. In the outfield, that gets him on this list. As a first baseman, he’d just miss.

I do think that his HR projections for Alonso may be based a little too much on his minor league numbers that were hampered by his wrist injury. I think Alonso is more of a 25-30 HR guy. I guess we will find out though.

94: Yorman Rodriguez/OF/Cincinnati Reds/8-15-92/ETA: 2015
Forecast Notes: Peak .250/.292/.400.
Current Level: Single-A
Scouting Notes: Rodriguez’s stats in his first year of full season ball are a bit disappointing, but he is toolsy and raw so it was to be expected. His walk rate went up as he moved up from Rookie Level ball, which is a positive to glean from a free swinger. The tools haven’t disappeared: He’s a plus hitter with plus power and above-average speed. All his tools need to be refined, but considering the Reds spent $2.5 million on him, it’s likely they’ll do everything in their power to get the most out of him. He may still flame out, but he’s likely a cheap gamble with immense upside in dynasty leagues.

I probably wouldn’t rank him this high, but I do get the reasoning behind it. There is still a long way to go for Rodriguez at this point. High risk/high reward.

Tucker Barnhart picked up a nice award recently, he was named the Minor League Catcher Gold Glove Award Winner. The award is only given to one player per position in the entire minor leagues, so its very impressive to get the nod. Barnhart had a .998 fielding percentage as well as a 47% caught stealing rate against. He was the only Red to bring home some gold this season.

This is just an awesome look at how Wednesday’s games played out.

Who will you guys be rooting for in the playoffs? I will clearly be going for the Rays, who are my AL team. On the NL side, I will be going with the Brewers. One of my good friends is a huge Brewers fan, so I owe it to him.

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