With a series of articles planned for this week, today has news and notes from just about an entire week. First things first, some roster moves: Carlos Fisher cleared waivers and was outrighted to AAA with an invite to spring training. The Reds also signed Brett Tomko to a minor league deal. I just don’t know where the Reds are going to hide all of these veteran arms without cutting most of them.

Tom Nichols has up his recent “news and notes” for the Dayton Dragons on their official website. The two main points of interest in the article is Jacob Johnson and the other is Ryan Wright, both of whom he thinks may wind up in Dayton to begin the season. Go check it out.

Bill Lack, over at Redleg Nation checked in with Devin Mesoraco for a half-hour podcast earlier this week. Go give it a listen when you get a chance. There is some interesting insight from Mesoraco in there. Bill does a good job with his podcasts/interview with players.

Kevin Goldstein, over at Baseball Prospectus, released his Top 101 Prospects on Tuesday afternoon. The Reds had two guys make the list, with Billy Hamilton coming in at #22 and Devin Mesoraco coming in at #24. I think that for now, that is too high for Hamilton who is still very raw. Goldstein though is very much a “ceiling” guy, so with that said, Hamilton does have a very high ceiling. Mesoraco is far too low in my opinion. An offensively and defensively ready catcher with a high ceiling should be a bit higher to me.

Dave Cameron had an interesting article up on Fangraphs over the last weekend that I forgot about until I began writing this for today. He asks if it is easier to scout pitching than hitting? One of the more interesting parts of the discussion, and why I think at times, it is easier to at least get a quick “good feel” of a pitcher rather than a hitter is this thought: You can watch one game from a pitcher and see 80-90 pitches, where as you can watch one game for a batter and only see him face 15 pitches and some of them he had no intention of even swinging at. A pitcher, over that time period, is very likely to flash some skills over a game while a batter may not in just that one game scenario.

Keith Law had an Insider only article up where he ranks the Top 20 impact rookies. He had Devin Mesoraco at #2 on the list behind Matt Moore of the Rays (who, assuming health, is going to be an absolute stud).

I will be out of town starting at around 9 on Friday morning until late on Monday evening. I will still make a post for Monday, but I don’t know how active I will be during the weekend with commenting.

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