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Today is going to discuss a lot of Baseball America content since they released their Top 100 prospects list yesterday. The Reds had three prospects make the Top 100. Here is who made the list, as well as what Baseball America had to say on the three:

16. Devin Mesoraco c, Reds Age: 23. ETA: 2012.
The Punxsutawney, Pa., native expects to deliver at least six more years of slugging in Cincinnati.

48. Billy Hamilton ss, Reds Age: 21. ETA: 2014.
Posted the first 100-steal year in the minors in a decade; can he continue to do it at higher levels?

75. Zack Cozart ss, Reds Age: 26. ETA: 2012.
Big league ready for most of the last two years; just needs to stay healthy.

Personally, I would have had Mesoraco a little bit higher, Hamilton probably wouldn’t have made my Top 100 and Cozart wouldn’t have either. With that said, I get why each guy is where they are. Hamilton has a very high ceiling, while Cozart is about as polished as they come for an up the middle prospect.

Baseball America’s writers Jim Callis, John Manuel and JJ Cooper held a chat to address some of the questions readers had. There were multiple Reds questions, including several about Zack Cozart. Jim Callis even predicted that Cozart would win the NL Rookie of the Year Award. I can see that. He should be on a winning team, assuming he is healthy he should play 150 games or so and he has good speed and power to put up some good counting stats at a premium defensive position. Toss in his age and readiness and it could add up to him having the best or one of the best rookie seasons in the league. Check out the entire chat though, there are a few questions about Mesoraco, Hamilton, Corcino, Stephenson, Yorman Rodriguez and Juan Duran mixed in as well as the previously noted several questions about Zack Cozart.

Baseball America also broke down their Top 100 list into a “By the Numbers” article. The Reds had 3 players on the list, which placed them in the middle of the pack as 14 teams had four to six players on the list. The Reds had 5 players who were originally with them on the list, which ranked behind only three teams who each placed six on the list. 58 of the 100 players were drafted in either the first, supplemental first or second rounds. Only three 18-year-olds made the list and just fifteen 19-year-olds made the list. There are more numbers breakdowns on the link, so go check it out.

Dusty Baker says that Devin Mesoraco is not the Reds top catcher just yet. There is a lot in the article about Mesoraco and how he has approached the past and how he feels now after gaining experience throughout the past few seasons. Go give it a read. To me, it sounds like Dusty and the Reds are willing to give Mesoraco a 75-25 split of the playing time if he shows he can earn it, but they want him to be able to earn it before handing him the job.

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