Redleg Nation takes a look at the catchers for the 2012 season. A large chunk of it takes a look at Devin Mesoraco and what he could bring to the table for the 2012 season. Here is the conclusion of the article and I think the final point sums up what I believe most of us expect for 2012:

If I take the projection systems seriously (I do), the drop of from last year to this year is much less than I expected. And depending on Devin’s defense, the Reds may even be a tick better behind the plate. Color me surprised. I genuinely expected to project a real drop off here.

I believe Mesoraco is a future all-star level catcher, but I am not entirely sure its going to happen this year. Hernandez was solid last season and I wouldn’t expect Mesoraco to outperform that by leaps and bounds. At least not yet.

Red Reporter also looked at the catchers in 2012, but went beyond the guys who will be in the Majors and also went down on the farm a little bit. They looked at Mesoraco and Hanigan, but also dabbled with Corky Miller, Dioner Navarro, Brian Esposito and Tucker Barnhart. In the article they project a “playing time ceiling” and have Mesoraco at 75% and Hanigan at 60%. I think that seems fair, depending on how each guy performs as the season goes along. (The Louisville Bats official blog) has up a preview of the player profiles that will appear in the media guide and programs. They look at Corky Miller in their preview and let’s be honest…. the Reds have the best combination of mustaches in baseball. Miller, Zavada, LeCure, Mr. Redlegs.

Hal McCoy has up a piece over at Fox Sports that kind of previews the 2012 season. My favorite thing about the article though, is the first comment posted:

The Reds went five miles backward in the offseason. Some of the moves they made were horrible.Getting Sean Marshall  when he wasn’ t very good for the Cubs was a bad move.Letting Jonny Gomes go wasn’t a good move.

Seriously, where do people get these kinds of ideas? I can’t figure out what you would look at and come to the conclusion that Sean Marshall wasn’t very good for the Cubs.

Yesterday I held perhaps the shortest chat in the history of the website that was actually started. I imagine that 7:30 is a bad time to start a chat. If you missed it, and I imagine most of you did given the participation, go check it out.

Are any of you guys heading out to Arizona to check out spring training?

Short news day, but I will update this during the day if anything new comes out worth posting.