I touched on this Friday, but didn’t actually discuss it much. John Sickels released his Top 120 prospects list on Friday and had three Reds make the list. Devin Mesoraco came in at #12, Billy Hamilton at #57 and Daniel Corcino rounded out the list at #120. Corcino was addressed in the comments section by John, as was Robert Stephenson:

Question: What pitcher and what hitter in the back 40 – spots 81-120 – do you see as having the best chance of jumping into the top thirty next year?

John Sickels: Also Guerrieri. Robert Stephenson. Story. (Daniel) Corcino.

Good to see John thinking so highly of them. Given some conversation that I had with him about Corcino, I expected him to be ranked a little bit higher than 120.

Reds.com has up an article on Andrew Brackman getting a fresh start with the Reds. Hopefully a new start can help him find his control and use the electric arm that he has.

Mark Sheldon has up a piece on Didi Gregorius for Reds.com. Apparently he was impressive while taking infield out in Arizona. He has all of the defensive tools you can want out of a shortstop, if he can be more consistent with them, he can be a very good defender up the middle.

While it isn’t directly prospect related, the Reds are reportedly close to signing Sean Marshall to an extension. I was strongly opposed to the trade to acquire Marshall because he was only on a one year deal and the Reds gave up a lot of talent to acquire him. If he is extended to a reasonable deal, it would make the trade much easier to accept.

This one isn’t directly Reds related, but may have some consequences down the road. Former Reds affiliate Lynchburg may be on the way out the door. The Braves are trying to make things happen to get their own team for High-A. Ideally, the Reds want their High-A team on this side of the Mississippi. If the Braves get their hands on a team, that makes one less option available for the Reds to have a chance to move to. Maybe the Reds should try to go the route of the Braves and simply buy a team to avoid all of this continuous moving back and forth from state to state with their High-A affiliate.

Yahoo! has up some photos from spring training over the weekend. Here is a list of the prospect related ones:

Daniel Corcino pitching

Clayton Tanner throwing