Yesterday saw a bunch of roster moves. Andrew Brackman went to the DL with a sprained ankle. Pedro Villarreal moved up to Louisville to take his place, Kyle Lotzkar moved up to take the place of Villarreal and Justice French moved up to take the place of Lotzkar. In Dayton they had relievers Ryan Kiel and El’hajj Muhammad come up from extended spring training and Dan Jensen will move to the rotation for now to fill in for Justice. Jefry Sierra was also placed on the DL for Dayton.

Tony Cingrani was on the Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet on Friday at #12. Here is what they had to say:

The Scoop: This shouldn’t be possible. We’re more than a month into the season and the pitcher who leads the minors in ERA is a pitcher from the California League. You know the California League? It’s the one where one bad outing can make an ERA look like the moniker for Boeing’s latest jet. Not only has the former Rice lefthander avoided a bad outing, he’s yet to have a bad inning. Cingrani did allow a pair of runs, one of which was earned, in his second start of the season. Since then he’s thrown 18 scoreless innings, allowing eight hits and three walks while striking out 26. Cingrani had an 8.59 ERA when Rice tried starting him in college, but his 0.32 ERA this year makes it clear that starting now suits him.

In the Hot Sheet Chat, there were a few Reds questions asked and answered as well.

    Ben (Miamisburg, OH): How do you measure Billy Hamilton’s hit tool? Has his huge start been a combination of luck, speed, and league or has he really made this significant a stride in his development because of his unreal athleticism? What grade would you give his current/future hit tool?

Ben Badler: I know it’s the Cal League, but I’m blown away by what Hamilton’s been able to do so far. I was definitely as skeptic of the bat, but he has made real strides with his swing and his approach. As a pure hitter, I don’t think he’s going to be much more than average, but when you have a guy who’s so fast that he’s beating out ground balls to the right side of the infield, that dramatically changes the equation because he’s going to get on base more because of those infield hits and because he’s going to force infield errors. Yeah, the numbers are going to come back to earth, but I think he’s showing that he can become a solid OBP guy who can wreak havoc with ludicrous speed. He’s one of the most fascinating prospects I’ve ever covered.

Badler also addressed what he would do in regards to Hamilton with his defensive position in the chat.

JC Sulbaran pitched a gem last night. In the article from the Pensacola News Journal he said something that really was awesome.

“My previous two outings were not that good,” said Sulbaran, who yielded 16 hits and 10 runs in those past two starts. “Everything changed (Saturday). I really have been working with my pitching coach (Tom Brown) and the other pitchers, even the position players to see if they could tell anything. I just put everything together.”

While I am sure it isn’t the first time it has happened, it is the first time I have read about a pitcher asking his position players if they had seen anything that they believe could help him improve his game.

Here are some new videos that I have put up on Youtube over the last few days.

Kyle Waldrop

Dan Jensen

Junior Arias