5/27 Game Review

Sorry for no game review yesterday, I simply had an insanely busy 48 hours and didn’t have time.

Louisville lost 9-4. Box Score

  • Dioner Navarro went 1-3 with a double and a run.
  • Neftali Soto went 2-3 with a HR (6), walk and 2 runs.
  • Cody Puckett went 1-4 with a double, RBI and a run.
  • Chad Reineke allowed a run in 7 innings with a walk and 2 strikeouts.

Game notes

The combo of Carlos Fisher, Travis Webb and Josh Judy allowed 7 runs in the top of the 9th inning. This team needs some sort of spark to get something going.

Pensacola won 7-5. Box Score

  • Didi Gregorius went 1-4 with a triple and RBI.
  • Josh Fellhauer went 1-3 with a double, walk and a run.
  • Joel Guzman went 1-4 with an RBI and a run.
  • David Vidal went 1-3 with 2 runs and a walk.
  • Andrew Means went 3-4 with a HR (3), 3 RBI and 2 runs.
  • Drew Hayes threw 2.1 shutout innings of relief.
  • Donnie Joseph threw a hitless 9th for the save with a walk and 2 strikeouts.

Game notes

The Blue Wahoos rallied to score 4 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning to take the lead and held on after Donnie Joseph took the mound. Andrew Means has hit well since coming up from Bakersfield, now at .345 with 2 home runs in 29 at bats.

Bakersfield lost 6-5 in 10 innings. Box Score

  • Billy Hamilton went 1-4 with a walk, steal (49) and a run.
  • Devin Lohman went 2-5 with a run.
  • Bryson Smith went 3-5 with a double, HR (5) and 3 RBI.
  • Theo Bowe went 2-4 with a double, walk, steal (18) and a run.
  • James Ewing went 1-4 with a double, walk and 2 RBI.
  • Brian Pearl threw a shutout inning with a walk and 2 strikeouts.

Game notes

Billy Hamilton has 49 steals. It’s May. Crazy. Bryson Smith continues to hit well, sitting at .347/.415/.500 on the season. Theo Bowe is still loving that California treatment as he is hitting .362 in the two weeks since being called up.

Dayton won 6-3. Box Score

  • Juan Perez went 3-5 with 2 RBI.
  • Juan Silva went 1-4 with a run.
  • Ryan Wright went 2-4 with a double, 2 RBI and a run.
  • Kyle Waldrop went 3-4 with a HR (2) and 2 RBI.
  • Yovan Gonzalez went 1-3 with a run and a walk.
  • Sean Buckley went 2-3 with a walk and a run.
  • Stalin Gerson allowed 3 runs in 7 innings.
  • El’Hajj Muhammad threw a perfect inning of relief.
  • Carlos Contreras threw a perfect inning of relief with a strikeout.

Game notes

The Dayton Dragons were down 3-0 heading into the 7th inning but scored 3,1 and 2 in the final three innings to pull out the win. Ryan Wright extended his hitting streak to 10 games and is up to .320 on the season. Kyle Waldrop has been on fire over his last 10 games hitting .378/.425/.622.

Game preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 16-35 N/A 4:05pm
Here Here
Pensacola 24-26
N/A 8:05pm
Bakersfield 26-23 N/A 4:30pm
Dayton 19-31 N/A
Here Here