Rumor has it that JC Sulbaran was traded for Jonathan Broxton.

I just don’t get it. Broxton has a nice ERA, but he walks 3.5 guys per 9 innings (below average) and strikes out hardly anyone with his 6.3 strikeouts per 9 innings (below average). Those aren’t the types of guys you give up actual talent for. He isn’t an upgrade over JJ Hoover, who you already have. In fact, I would trust Hoover more than Broxton because he doesn’t have to rely on other people to record outs for him.

Sulbaran has had some struggles, but he is a starting pitcher who can throw 95 MPH and has a plus curveball and solid change up. I just don’t get trading that for a rental reliever who isn’t all that good anymore.

Then you add in Donnie Joseph? Unreal. Simply unreal.

Maybe I am just crazy.

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