In the first go around of this series I took a look at Billy Hamilton and Chad Rogers with a scouting report on each guy and over 11 minutes of video between the two guys. In the second part of the series I broke down Bryson Smith and Tony Cingrani with about 7 1/2 minutes worth of video for those two guys. Today I am going to look at two more guys from the team as I look at Ryan LaMarre and Daniel Corcino.

Ryan LaMarre – CF

Let me first start off by pointing out two things. First, LaMarre had a really bad series while I was in town, going 2-19 with two singles. Secondly, he has been playing with plantar fasciitis this season. About a week before I got to Pensacola, Fangraphs Mike Newman saw LaMarre play and was left wondering how he went in the second round. Physically, he looks the part. He is tall and put together well with the physical attributes you would like. He is an above-average runner even while dealing with a foot injury and a plus runner when fully healthy. Defensively he can go get the ball in center field and has a strong and accurate throwing arm. At the plate though, I can kind of see where Newman was coming from when he made his comment early this month. This season LaMarre is hitting .268/.362/.361 for Pensacola. The plate discipline is there with an 11% walk rate and a 20% strikeout rate, but despite being 6′ 2″ and 205 lbs, he is showing no game power at all for his 3rd season running since being drafted.  When watching him swing, you can see why. His swing is set up for contact and not for power. He gets his front foot down, then waits before turning it over as he swings. It leads to a contact oriented, armsy swing. With his size and bat speed, it wouldn’t surprise me if one day he were able to hit for some power, but his swing will need to make changes that lead to a better transfer of his weight and eliminate an armsy swing that saps any power his size and bat speed do have the potential of leading to. Overall, as a hitter right now, I was not that impressed with LaMarre. Yes, it was a rough series for him with just the 2 hits in the series, but even from a scouting perspective I didn’t like what I saw as far as the current swing goes.

Daniel Corcino – RHP

Coming into the season I had Corcino ranked as the top pitching prospect in the system. While Corcino skipped the High A level entirely, he currently ranks 3rd in the Southern League in ERA and 4th in WHIP all at the age of 21. While I have seen him on throughout the season, it was my first chance to see him in person during the year. In 2012 Corcino has seen his walk rate nearly double, while his strikeout rate has dropped off significantly (though still in a good range) from where it was in 2011. My thoughts had been that he was still learning to pitch at this level as he didn’t get a chance to learn things in High A that a lot of other guys did. Corcino showed off a good fastball, good slider and a solid change up. The fastball has a little bit of late movement into right handers and away from lefties. I like the slider quite a bit and his change up, while he didn’t use it much, seems like a solid pitch. He still seems to battle to put guys away at times though. The stuff is there, but I believe he could have used some time at the High A level to learn things on more of a gradual step against more advanced hitters.  Overall I still think Corcino is one of the top pitching prospects that we have, but his ERA and WHIP are probably a little better than his peripherals suggests right now. Control is something that he will need to improve upon as well, though that is something you expect from most 21 year olds.

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