Baseball America just released their Top 100 Prospects in all of baseball. You can view the tool rankings for each player here.The Reds had these guys make the list:

  • 20. Billy Hamilton – OF
  • 56. Robert Stephenson – RHP
  • 82. Tony Cingrani – LHP
  • 94. Daniel Corcino – RHP

That is roughly in the range of where each guy was expected to land. Billy Hamilton leads to crop from the Reds. He is a safe bet to be a Major Leaguers, but where his bat progresses too will take him from being an average player to perhaps an MVP contender depending on just how much it continues to develop. Personally, I would have had Robert Stephenson a little bit higher than he is here. He has top of the rotation potential and already has two plus pitches and a third one that shows it could be an above-average one. Tony Cingrani and Daniel Corcino are guys I would have flipped around. I am just not as sold on him being a starter as others are. Corcino has more pitches at this point that are Major League quality which makes me feel a little more comfortable saying he can start. As relievers,I would also take Corcino ahead of Cingrani. Both belong in the Top 100 though.

Here is where I predicted each guy would fall on the list before it came out.

  • Billy Hamilton: I believe he will fall in the 15-20 range.
  • Robert Stephenson:  I believe he will fall in the 60-65 range.
  • Tony Cingrani: I believe he will fall in the 70-75 range.
  • Daniel Corcino: I believe he will fall in the 75-80 range.

This is for subscribers only, but it is a list of the Top Tools among the Top 100 prospects. Billy Hamilton (Speed) and Robert Stephenson (FB) both make appearances.

Other news and notes

The Dayton Dragons announced their spring training schedule. While this is specific to that team, it likely looks exactly like all of the other farm teams, except that the A ball teams are home when the AA/AAA teams travel.

Earlier this month the Reds signed a RHP out of Australia named Dakota Mitchell. His local newspaper has an article up on him right now. The article talks about how he was pitching with a shredded elbow before he really knew he was injured and that after he found out several teams backed off negotiations with him before the Reds stepped up to sign him. Go give it a read.