Mark Sheldon has up a piece on Daniel Corcino and his relationship with Johnny Cueto. Corcino has long been compared to Cueto, and while they look similar and their stuff remsembles the other guy, Corcino still has a lot of things to pick up from Cueto.

“My changeup is much better now from working with Mario Soto,” Corcino said. “Everything, my mechanics and changeup, will be better this season.”

It is also real nice to see that Corcino worked with Mario Soto on his change up. While the pitch was solid, if he can improve it some it would really make a difference.

Tom Nichols has up a season preview outlook at the Dayton Dragons catcher situation for 2013. He looks at Joe Hudson, Brandon Dailey, Wagner Gomez and Julio Morillo as possible catchers.

While I always say that stats in spring training really don’t mean much, I did find myself pondering something Wednesday night while looking at the Reds stats. Yorman Rodriguez has 3 walks in 17 plate appearances. I have long said that if he can hone in his “swing zone” and a little more patient, he could take that next step to really become the hitter that his tools say he could be. Obviously, nothing can really be taken from such a small sample size, but Rodriguez only walked 3 times in a week last season three times. And it came against lesser competition as well. At the very least, color me intrigued by it.

While this isn’t exactly minor league related, there is some interesting news on BABIP and how there is some correlation to how people can control their BABIP to small extents. Dan Rosencheck has some theories on what can lead to pitchers having slight control over their BABIP. You can read about that at Fangraphs some.

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