While I was down in Pensacola I had a chance to sit down and talk for a minute with Cincinnati Reds top position prospect Jesse Winker about his injury and how he is recovering.

RML: When did the car wreck that caused the injury happen?

Jesse Winker: It’s kind of crazy what happened, it was two nights before the Futures Game, I flow out on Saturday and it happened on Thursday night. When I got to the Futures Game my whole body was sore. My neck was sore, my shoulder was sore, my knee was sore so I just figured my hand was sore too. So I played in the game and when I came back home, everything was starting to heal up. I had three days off in a row and then came back with a day off and a rain out, but my hand wasn’t getting better and everything else was starting to feel better, so I tried playing again and towards the end of the game it was really hurting me enough, squeezing my glove was complicated so I knew that I needed to get it checked out.

RML: How are you feeling right now with everything?

Jesse Winker: I’m feeling pretty good. The hand is getting better day-by-day. I just started some movement in the whirlpool. I’ve been running a lot and conditioning my body and working on top hand drills with the bat. I’ve been learning a lot, but yeah, the hand is starting to feel a lot better.

RML: Has the team talked with you about perhaps heading to the Arizona Fall League to make up for some of the time lost to the injury?

Jesse Winker: I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m sure I will be hearing something here shortly (if he were to be heading out there).

Nothing groundbreaking, but just wanted to share it. As a side note, I’m a complete idiot. I didn’t get any photos of Winker in a Blue Wahoos jersey since he wasn’t playing, so for now, I’m using one from his time with Bakersfield.

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