On Friday night on MLB Network and MLB.com their prospect gurus Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo unveiled their Top 100 prospects list for the 2015 season. The Cincinnati Reds only had two prospects make the cut, but both wound up ranked quite highly.

Robert Stephenson topped the list from the Reds organization, coming in at #24 overall. The right handed pitcher ranked eighth among right handed pitchers on the list. In his write up on MLB.com this seems to be the most noteworthy part:

Stephenson’s stuff is still as electric as just about any pitching prospect in baseball.

He had some struggles at times in 2014, but it’s easy to see why scouts are still so high on him. You simply can’t teach the things he can do and from a pure stuff standpoint there aren’t many guys around in the minors that can match up well.

Just one player separated Robert Stephenson and Reds outfielder Jesse Winker. Winker ranked 26th overall and 4th among the outfielders that made the list. With Winker everyone knows it’s about his bat and the MLB.com guys agree.

Winker is one of the best pure hitters in the Minors, with as advanced an approach at the plate as many veterans.

Of course it’s not like Winker is a poor defender, it’s just that he’s a left fielder and not a guy that will play center.

He may never be a Gold Glove winner, but he’s developed into a dependable left fielder.

I was a bit surprised that the Reds only had two prospects listed in the Top 100. Michael Lorenzen and Raisel Iglesias were both players that I had expected to see in the second half of the list.

Jim Callis published his list of best tools from the Top 100 after it was released, and while no Reds took the top spot home both Winker and Stephenson were listed as “also in the running”. Jesse Winker was listed in the best hit tool section. Robert Stephenson was in the best curveball section.