Earlier this afternoon Bryan Price announced that Raisel Iglesias would remain with the Cincinnati Reds and pitch out of the bullpen for the time being. C. Trent Rosecrans from the Enquirer had this, as the first source that I saw report from:

This brings up a few interesting thoughts for me. The first thought is why do the Reds need to decide between these two guys without even considering the guy with a 5.66 ERA at the end of the rotation as the odd man out. There’s no real reason to think that Michael Lorenzen doesn’t deserve to stay in the Cincinnati Reds rotation at the expense of either Iglesias or Marquis. He’s got better stuff than both guys do and he’s got more upside than both guys. Jason Marquis has one advantage and it’s that his innings don’t need to be monitored. But that’s it. If that’s all they are worried about, bring up Jon Moscot from Triple-A who can also handle a full season work load if needed. The second thought was “didn’t Bryan Price say last night that Michael Lorenzen was only heading to the bullpen to help limit his innings since there are so many off days over the next three weeks and nothing else”? So I double checked. Here’s what Kevin Goheen of Fox Sports Ohio tweeted out last night:

In about 12 hours it’s gone from he’s going to the bullpen for a few weeks to control his innings to “he may lose his job in the rotation”. It’s a strange thing to see. It may all just be coach speak, but coach speak is usually used to protect one guy, and even if the protection is for Iglesias or even Marquis on not knowing they aren’t going to be starting, it’s kind of not really protecting Lorenzen here.

The third question is, who gets sent to Louisville to make room for Iglesias. The Reds recently picked up Ryan Mattheus from the Angels on waivers and have said he’s joining the big league club. You have to assume that Chapman is going nowhere, Hoover and Cingrani are safe and Badenhop can’t be sent to the minors without his permission, so unless there’s a disabled list move that leaves Jumbo Diaz and Pedro Villarreal as the choices. Good money would say that Villarreal is the choice here, but we will find out soon enough as Mattheus should arrive soon to join the team.

This move immediately helps the bullpen out and it’s likely to continue to help the bullpen even after the decision is made to place one of the young right handers back into the rotation in a few weeks and keep one in the bullpen. With that said, it’s also another step in the direction that leaves a lot of us scratching our heads as the Reds are saying one thing and then saying/doing something rather opposite to what they just said.

Update: There’s been another wrinkle added to the conversation

C. Trent Rosecrans has an article up on Cincinnati.com now that says Lorenzen will indeed head back to the rotation, leaving open the question as to where exactly Iglesias winds up. Is the writing on the wall for Marquis that he’s got a few more starts and they had better be good ones or he’s going to lose his job in the rotation?

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