The third day of the draft begins at 12:00pm and will be made up of rounds 11-40. If you want to check out what the Cincinnati Reds did earlier in the draft you can find all of that information here. Let’s use this to discuss all of the players draft in Rounds 21-30 and I will be updating this post throughout the day with the picks as they happen and adding in scouting reports, stats and video when available. After the 20th round, I will make a new post for the next 10 rounds, and so on throughout the day. If you want to follow live, you can “watch” it here (it’s just a conference call) or follow a draft tracker here.

21st Round Selection: CF Satchel McElroy, Clear Creek High School (Texas)

McElroy was ranked as the 90th best draft prospect in the state of Texas by Baseball America. He’s got an easy swing that is  compact. He’s an above-average to plus runner and there could be some projection in his hit tool. He has a solid arm.

22nd Round Selection: RHP Darren Shred, St. Roch Catholic Secondary School (Canada)

Darren Shred was ranked as the 329th best player in the draft by Baseball America, but that was as a catcher. He’s committed to Chipola JC. Some teams did prefer him as a pitcher though where he’s thrown in the upper 80’s, touching 90 MPH and has a solid curveball. There’s plenty of video out there of him, but it’s all of him catching or hitting.

23rd Round Selection: CF Ed Charlton, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Ed Charlton is a senior who played all four years at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He made big improvements as a senior, upping his power output and having he best season of his college career. He doubled his career home run total.

2012 197 15 2 2 31 14 46 .315 .384 .442
2013 180 8 4 3 24 11 46 .294 .374 .433
2014 142 8 0 4 34 18 32 .275 .364 .415
2015 188 14 3 9 38 22 30 .319 .405 .569

24th Round Selection: RHP Joe Zanghi, Cumberland County College

Zanghi played baseball at Southern New Hampshire as a freshman, playing mostly as a catcher, but making three pitching appearances. He then moved to Cumberland County College where he played fulltime as a pitcher and took big steps forward on the mound. I can’t find any scouting information on him, but if I do I will update this post.

2014 0 1 10.80 5 6 0 4 1
2015 6 3 1.71 63.2 38 2 20 81

25th Round Selection: 1B James Vasquez, Central Florida

Vasquez is a college senior who has started at UCF for the last three years after splitting time as a freshman. He didn’t really improve over the years, with the exception of a strong Junior season that saw his strikeout rate drop off, but it went back up as a senior.

2012 98 2 0 0 17 19 14 .276 .397 .296
2013 210 16 0 8 36 30 47 .248 .364 .438
2014 206 11 1 8 56 30 20 .340 .445 .519
2015 222 11 0 7 38 19 34 .270 .348 .414

26th Round Selection: CF Dwanya Williams-Sutton, Greenfield School (HS – North Carolina)

This may be a tough sign as he’s said that he is going to school unless he gets “life changing money”, though exactly how much that is could be very different depending on who you ask. He’s got above-average speed and some power potential. He reportedly hit a home run out of Wrigley Field in a workout with the Cubs, among nine home runs he hit while taking batting practice for the club.

27th Round Selection: SS Alejo Lopez, Greenway High School (Arizona)

Lopez was ranked as the 354th best prospect in the draft by Baseball America, so he would seem to be a tough sign here. He’s projected to remain at shortstop thanks to good hands and actions. He’s got above-average speed. He doesn’t project for much power and at 5′ 11″ and 170 lbs he doesn’t have much now either. He’s a switch hitter.

28th Round Selection: RHP Ron Rossomando, Bunnell High School (Connecticut)

Like Lopez, Rossomando was ranked well by Baseball America, coming in at 326th. He throws in the 87-89 MPH range and can hit 90. He’s got some projection though, listed at 6′ 5″ and 235 lbs. He has a curveball that will flash itself as a solid pitch, but often it’s well below-average.

You can watch video of him here.

29th Round Selection: C Elih Marrero, Coral Gables High School (Florida)

Elih Marrero is the son of Reds minor league manager Eli Marrero. He was the 124th ranked player in the draft according to Baseball America, so despite the Reds connection, he is likely unsignable. He’s strong behind the plate with a strong arm and good actions. He’s a switch hitter with a nice swing. He doesn’t project for too much power, but could hit for a good average in the future with good gap power.

30th Round Selection: 1B Joe Purritano, Dartmouth

The New Jersey area scout is getting a lot of time on the draft call for the Reds today. Purritano is originally from Ramsey, New Jersey and is one of several picks with New Jersey ties made today by the organization. As a junior he could be a tough sign, especially from an Ivy League school.

2013 108 6 3 5 30 14 15 .343 .425 .593
2014 136 7 1 3 26 17 20 .265 .355 .397
2015 148 14 5 3 30 19 31 .277 .355 .500