On Sunday afternoon the Cincinnati Reds sent right handed pitcher Keyvius Sampson to the mound to make his first big league start and only his second big league appearance overall. He had thrown an inning out of the bullpen a few days earlier, but seeing a lineup a few times through is a very different task.

The start against the Pirates produced this line: 5IP, 3H, 3ER, 1BB, 6K.

That’s a solid showing for Sampson. He showed control, only walking one batter and he allowed just three hits in the game while striking out six batters.

Sampson showed off four pitches in the start, throwing a fastball, change up, slider and a curveball. Let’s take a look at each pitch:

Usage avgVelo topVelo K% SwK%
Fastball 61% 92.8 94.5 70.8% 6.3%
Change Up 9% 85.1 85.6 28.6% 14.3%
Slider 4% 87.3 88.3 67.0% 0.0%
Curveball 27% 77.2 78.9 61.9% 19.0%

For the most part he was working with the fastball and curveball, occasionally mixing in the change up and slider. While I didn’t watch the game, the numbers suggest that he had good fastball control, throwing it for strikes over 70% of the time.

His velocity was good, averaging nearly 93 MPH and topping out at 94.5 MPH with his fastball. The curveball, his second most used pitch was coming in 15 MPH slower and generated the highest rate of swings and misses of his pitches.

Consistently throwing strikes has been something that Keyvius Sampson has struggled with throughout his career. On Sunday he was able to throw strikes and the results were good, allowing just four base runners in his five innings of work. If he can continue to do that, he should see success.

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