Hector Vargas spent his 2014 season with the Arizona League Reds. The then 19-year-old hit .297/.319/.419 with 13 extra-base hits in 163 plate appearances. The Cincinnati Reds promoted the infielder to Billings to start the 2015 year.

The 2015 campaign began slowly for Vargas. In nine games to start the season he went 6-33 in June, good for a .182 average as he struggled to get moving in the right direction.

When the calendar flipped over to July it seems that everything changed. In 74 plate appearances over the course of 20 games player in, Hector Vargas hit .324/.329/.479 with eight extra-base hits. He walked just once in the month, but also struck out just five times.

August has been more of the same for the Dominican Republic product. The 20-year-old has 77 plate appearances in the month and has hit .306/.307/.403. Much like in July, Vargas has walked just one time and struck out just five times as he’s put the bat on the ball nearly every time he’s come to the plate.

After his slow start in June, the season has really turned around. While he hasn’t walked much, drawing just two free passes in 151 plate appearances, he’s hit .315/.318/.441 with 10 strikeouts. His strikeout rate is just 6.6% in this span, showing off a very impressive ability to put the bat on the ball.

The right handed hitter is now up to .290/.297/.403 on the season for the Billings Mustangs. He’s going to need to draw a few more walks along the way as he moves forward, but he continues to show an interesting skillset. He’s shown an ability to play all around the infield and with a strikeout rate that is under 9% he could be groomed as a future utility player who can play several positions and be a contact oriented bat off of the bench.

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