It’s been a fun ride for Cincinnati Reds right handed pitching prospect Nick Travieso when it came to getting his Arizona Fall League debut to happen. He was scheduled to pitch on Friday night, but the game was postponed. The AFL was off over the weekend, which pushed his start to Tuesday. That game was then rained out. On Wednesday afternoon, the third time was a charm for Travieso as he was finally able to take the mound for the Peoria Javelinas.

After the long wait he took full advantage of his time on the mound, firing out 3.0 hitless innings with a walk and four strikeouts. He induced a ground out, a pop out and three fly outs to go along with his four strikeouts in his three innings. The game also took place at home in Peoria, which gave us Pitch F/X information to look at for Travieso, the first we’ve been able to see on the righty since he was drafted in the 1st round of the 2012 draft by the Reds.

He was working with four pitches on the day. Let’s take a look at what the Pitch F/X system showed on the afternoon.

Scouting Report


Fastball | This pitch was used often throughout the three innings, throwing it over 70% of the time. He sat between 93-95, topping out at 96.3 MPH and hit 96 MPH eight times. He was throwing a 4-seamer the entire time. There were four swings and misses from this group of pitches.

Cutter | Travieso went to this pitch the second most often on the day, throwing it 16% of the time. He averaged 88.1 MPH on the pitch and it ranged from 86-91 MPH. There were two cutters that look like they were “slutters”, kind of that hybrid Slider/Cutter, but their higher velocity fell in the range more with the cutters than the sliders. He had three swings and misses on seven pitches from this group.

Slider | As mentioned above, two of the cutters very well could have been sliders, it’s tough to tell at times between these two pitches. Three others were clearly sliders though. All were thrown in the 80-82 MPH range.

Change Up | The right hander only threw one change up in his three innings. It came in at 86 MPH and was a ball. It had 3.5 inches of additional sinking action compared to his average 4-seam fastball and an extra 1.5 inches of armside run to it. Small sample size caveats apply greatly here with just one pitch to go off of. Hopefully we get plenty more data to work with in future starts.

Other | Travieso repeated his mechanics well, showing a consistent release point on all of his pitches. He worked up in the zone for the most part, missing high when he did miss the zone. It was a limited number of pitches, as we see from every starter in the AFL, but Travieso was showing velocity that would be considered well above-average in this start.


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