Yorman Rodriguez has been missing in action, so-to-speak, since the end of spring training. While attempting to get in some extra work on the backfields in spring training he injured his hamstring. He was out for several weeks in April before beginning to play in some extended spring training games. He then re-injured the hamstring and had to sit out another period of time before returning in mid-May. After that he also battled some hip and knee injuries that have kept him out even longer, according to C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer three weeks ago.

It would appear that he is ready to return to action on the field. He’s been placed on an injury rehab assignment with the Daytona Tortugas. The Reds outfielder is currently on the 60-day disabled list and will have 30 days to rehab in the minor leagues if needed, before he will have to be activated. Out of options, Rodriguez will have to be placed onto the 25-man roster when that time is up.

It has been nearly a year since Yorman Rodriguez last played in a game, not accounting for five games in winter ball, or spring training. Last season his final game came on July 21st for the Louisville Bats after suffering a leg injury. It cost him valuable time on the big leaguer roster as a spot was open for the taking in left field and after a slow start, he had been hitting very well.

During the 2015 season, he hit just .212/.252/.386 in the first five weeks of the season. Over the final two months he really turned things around, hitting .313/.349/.460 for the Bats. He looked like he was starting to really put things together and the coaching staff was encouraged by the progress he was showing.

He came into spring training with the idea of making the roster, but the results were a mixed bag. He hit just .225 in 40 at-bats and only had one double to show. However, one thing that had always been a question with his game was his plate approach. I’ve noted that, especially in the past two minor league seasons, he’s looked better in terms of pitch recognition than he has in the past. That really showed up in the spring as he walked eight times with just nine strikeouts. The hits didn’t show up, but he seemed to control the strikezone quite well.

Rodriguez is still just 23-years-old. Only Jose Peraza and Cody Reed are on the roster and younger than Rodriguez is. He’s lost a lot of time to injury over the last two years. He’s still got the tools to work with and we’ve seen flashes of the skills at times as well, but he’s yet to really put them all together on the field.

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    • The Duke

      He’ll rehab until Bruce is traded at the very least. He has 30 days I think.

      • Cam

        Agreed, I think you let him have the whole 30 days. Let the roster spots sort themselves out in the meantime and let him get back in the swing of things.

      • HavaKlu

        Give him the 30 days to show something but please don’t retain him just because he has “potential”. He has never really performed up to that potential for an extended time and he is definitely injury prone. He reminds me of Desmond Jennings with the Rays who has been given chance after chance to play to his potential and never has and is frequently hurt.

      • Doug Gray

        From 2011-2014 Desmond Jennings was an above-average big leaguer…. Sure, maybe he never turned into the star some thought he would, but he was pretty valuable.

        And for the Reds, with where they are now, you absolutely keep him if he is showing some potential. Getting rid of that to keep around a journeyman, in a rebuilding process, is insane.

      • Hoosierbadger

        Gotta give Yorman a shot. There’s no downside in a season where the Reds will likely lose 100 games. My main concern with Yorman is that he can’t seem to stay healthy. He is young though and has the talent to be an All-Star. You can’t let talent like that slip away if you’re the Reds.

  1. Z

    Goodbye Tyler Holt, might as well see what we have here

  2. Gaffer

    If you want YRod to play, you better fire Price. He has never shown any indication of playing YRod regularly. Last year YRod was on the roster over a week and never entered a game. Price has played Phillips over Peraza routinely this year. Do you think he will give YRod atbats over say BHam or even Holt? People complained Dusty played veterans too much over young guys but Price is worse. It’s odd because at least playing the young guys there is an excuse for losing.

  3. MK

    Need to find out this season because I believe you have Juan Duran in same situation next year.

    • Doug Gray

      Duran was removed from the 40-man last week

  4. cinvenfan

    As much as I want my fellow countryman to succeed, especially in a Reds uniform, I feel his time is running out. As I wrote over the winter, he really disappointed me at the plate and then he just played 5 games after missing so much time last season. If Yorman is going to make it, he should play a lot here over the winter while training properly under strict Reds’ supervision. He has the tools, no doubt, but he certainly needs to show results ASAP.

    • lollipopcurve

      Interesting. It well could be that work ethic is an issue with Yorman. Would be a shame, because with that kind of athleticism and raw tools, hard work can turn a guy into a very successful player. Conversely, lack of conditioning and failure to work on one’s game can lead to a washout. It’s up to him.


        That´s the problem of giving a teenager a couple of million dollars, especially coming from such a poor background. Many of these kids loose the “hunger” that drove them before signing, the parents and trainers get their cut and stop supervising and then come the always soliciting “friends”.

  5. Mike

    I think schebler is a better prospect. I have more confidence in Schebler than I do Yorman.

  6. dale

    I release him tomorrow. He had his chance to go from potential to productive and it never happened. Let him be some other teams waste of a roster spot.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s 23-years-old. You’d had cut a whole lot of future all-stars for not fulfilling potential at age 23. Heck, a lot of guys hadn’t even reached the Majors by age 23.

      • Dale

        maybe so but he has already been coddled for what 7 years by the organization? Time to cut ties if it means losing another player who hasn’t had the luxury of a multi million dollar signing bonus and 7 years of the Reds organization behind them to improve. How many years and how much money has been invested in Tyler Holt? I know your choice would be to cut Holt to save Rodriquez but I just see things differently. If you have ever invested in stocks you have to know when to sell and buy and I doubt seriously that this guy is going to be considered a buy by anyone other than the desperate.

      • Alex Reds

        Hi Dale, you do realize Holt is hitting .220 AVG with a .546 OPS at age 27? For his MLB career, his numbers are even worse across the board and with a .525 OPS.

        Let’s see what Yorman can do, he’s only 23. Let him develop and he could be a valuable and contributing piece of the puzzle.

  7. Champ Summers

    I watched as much spring training as MLB Network and my DVR would allow and in those games I saw a decent amount of Yorman. Like Doug said, he looked comfortable at the plate and seemed to have a pretty good command of the zone but contact was weak and ultimately showed poor results. That was spring and he was coming off a long injury layoff.

    What surprised me the most and disappointed me a lot was his performance in the field. He took terrible angles and seem lost in his opportunities in CF. He misplayed balls on multiple occasions and made the routine an adventure. I was under the impression defense was a strength. J Gomes looked like a gold glover in comparison.

    • B-town Fan

      Have to defer to Doug on this one. I just haven’t seen him enough to make a judgement. I’ve seen a few flashes of big potential in spring training TV games the last 2 or 3 years, but then he looked over matched in the at bats when got his cup of coffee 2 yrs ago, but Todd Frazier did for his also, so that doesn’t mean much. Yorman is just so young, it’s hard to make a judgement.

  8. Redsfaninaustin

    Not advocating cutting Yorman but in spring training that was broadcast on mlb network I literally saw him throw a ball from right field into the ground before it even got near the cut off man. As bad as any outfielder we have ever had I’ve never seen that from a “prospect” regardless how young he is.

  9. DaveCT

    ML all stars have had mishaps like that. It happens. He also made 2-3 lazor throws to nail runners at 2nd.

    That said, I will say he ran some poor routes in RF, and that seemed odd for him (as he’s been a reliably good outfielder). Strange stuff happens in springtime.

  10. Dale

    @Alex I”m not really in favor of Holt he is just an example. He hasn’t had the money nor the opportunity nor the time that Rodriquez has already been given. Certainly there are better players out there to invest a slot on the 25 man roster to.

    • Reaganspad


      For the last 6 years we have played without a left fielder and too often only 23 players dressed

      I am ok in a season where we will lose 100 games to give him a spot on the roster

    • Champ Summers

      There are tyler holts everywhere. They are all over the league. Average prospects who age out and are stuck in AAAA limbo are abundant. That is Holt. If you cut ties with a guy like that there are probably guys in our own system or guys other teams are about to give up on out there for the taking.

      I give Doug a hard time for his Yorman and Romano love. I think he over values them but it doesn’t mean I want the Reds to give up on them. IMO Yorman will never achieve the success we all hoped he hope he would. That said will he be a serviceable ML outfielder. If he could stay on the field we might find out. I get throwing your hands in the are and saying this guy has been a disappointment, get out. There is relatively no risk to making sure he is a disappointment. So you lose a 27 year old defensive sub with above avg speed? There are 50/50 odds he clears waivers. All you are really risking in not having a true CF that is ready to play CF everyday if fragile Billy goes down again. That said we still stink so….

  11. Steve

    Give Y-Rodna chance we have a starting outfield at Louisville chalk full of AAAA players.