We are going to start this whole post over after all of the rumors, “done deals” and mis-truths. The Cincinnati Reds have indeed traded outfielder Jay Bruce to the New York Mets.

In the original “done deal” the team had apparently landed outfielder Brandon Nimmo and two prospects for Bruce, but that deal reportedly came apart when the medicals on one of the lesser players wasn’t up to snuff. The deal then turned into infielder Dilson Herrera and left handed pitcher Max Wotell.

For those of you looking toward various prospect lists, you won’t find Dilson Herrera on any of them. It’s not because he’s not good, it’s because not prospect eligible as he has a few too many at-bats in the big leagues to qualify. Heading into the 2015 season he was ranked as the #46 overall prospect in baseball. He then went to Triple-A Las Vegas and hit .327/.382/.511 on the season and got into 31 games with the Mets as a 21-year-old. He struggled somewhat, hitting just .211, but had 11 walks to boost his on-base percentage to .311 and he slugged .367 with seven extra-base hits.

In 2016 he’s spent his entire season with Triple-A Las Vegas where he’s hitting .276/.327/.462 with 24 doubles, two triples and 13 home runs. Las Vegas is a ballpark where things fly quite well, so I wouldn’t expect him to carry that kind of power forward just yet. With that said, he’s got 10-15 home run potential as a big leaguer with perhaps a tad more at his peak.  Defensively he’s going to stick at second base, but he doesn’t project to be more than average there. He’s going to provide the value with his bat, which projects quite well moving forward, particularly for a middle infielder.

The other player that is coming the Cincinnati Reds way in the deal with the Mets is left handed pitcher Max Wotell. He was originally rumored to be in the deal that included Nimmo, and he remained in the deal as it progressed. He was a 3rd rounder last season and signed for $775,000. He entered the year as the Mets #17 overall prospect, and was unranked in their Top 10 midseason update by Baseball America.

The 19-year-old has played in short-season baseball this year in the Appalachian League. That’s a league on par with the Pioneer League that starts after the draft. He’s made six starts, throwing just 29.2 innings this year with a 3.94 ERA, 12 walks and 31 strikeouts.

He works in the low 90’s with his fastball, though there may be some projection left as he gets older. He mixes in a good slider and a change up that has the potential to be at least a third average offering.

An initial thought on the trade is that this is a very good haul for the Cincinnati Reds. They have landed what appears to be a future starting middle infielder in Dilson Herrera who has the potential to be a very good hitter and they also grabbed a quality lower level minor league arm with upside to work with. While the trade doesn’t technically improve the farm system when it comes to rankings because Herrera doesn’t qualify any longer, the organization added a significant talent with Herrera. How they will play him over the next year has yet to be determined as he’s a second baseman and we’ve seen how much the team has used Jose Peraza with Brandon Phillips still on the roster. More talent is always better than less talent, and perhaps the organization has other plans for Peraza in the future – maybe taking over at shortstop for Zack Cozart in 2017 (traded during the offseason or at the deadline next year). Maybe the team has changed their plan on him entirely and now see him as more of a utility player. It’s tough to say for sure at this point.

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  1. The Duke

    I hope one of lower level guys is Szapucki ir Lindsay or I’m really not going to like this deal.

  2. DaveCT

    Heard LHP Wolter was one other guy, via Joel Sherman.

    • The Duke

      I assume you mean Wotell. Projectable lefty, 3rd rd pick last year. An interesting addition if true, but not terribly exciting as yet. If rank him behind Kahaloa.

      • MK

        Just what they need another minor league lefty. Where does he fit with Reed, Finnegan, Garrett, Lamb, Varner, BowleRoutt, etc.

  3. Herzog

    There’s also YoRod to add to the OF competition, if he ever comes back.

  4. Brad

    I like a lot of the Mets “lower-level” prospects. Lindsay, Beccera, Szapucki, Gimenez. For me, Nimmo needs to stay in CF to maintain value. Dont see him as an everyday COF based on numbers and playing over Duvall, Schebler, Yorman Rodriguez or Winker. If Nimmo is a OF4 that can handle CF and play a few days a week and excel off bench, that has value too. Reds have a cheap, controllable OF for next 7 years.

    • Brad

      Great timing on Schebler becoming IL player of the month as well…

      I like Reds getting younger minor league guys with longer control windows to create next wave of position players and pitchers. They dont have much space for pitchers or outfielders in majors or upper minors.

  5. Pat

    Sometimes salary dumping and rebuilding don’t quite go hand in hand. When the club waits this late the cupboard’s gonna be bare.

  6. The Duke

    A Mets fan I’m chatty with on a different message board isn’t pleased about losing Wotell if it’s true.

  7. gaffer

    I have been thinking it would be Nimmo (Nemo?) for 2 days now, especially given the options from the Dodgers and SFG’s (mostly pitchers or crap). Reds would get roasted if it was a pitcher, he is MLB ready AND he is a decent OBP. What is not to like really? OK maybe someone wanted a top 50 player (NEVER REALISTIC). I bet you the Reds would not even have taken a Glyber Torres if it had been offered as he is 4 years away.

    • citizen54

      Ya it is nice to see the Reds shifting towards higher OBP guys. Looks like Nimmo’s floor is a fourth outfielder which isn’t too shabby.

  8. Kindell

    Might not have to worry about it. Crasnick is reporting there is Medical issues that could hold up the deal.

    • gaffer

      ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick now tweets that a medical issue may be holding up the Mets’ acquisition of Bruce. Crasnick adds that the severity of the issue isn’t known, but the medicals are no longer a formality.

    • Kindell

      DId you read that somewhere? I saw other people saying they heard it was Max Wotell.

  9. RedsFaninPitt

    I wonder if it could be Luis Caprio – SS recovering from torn labrum surgery.

  10. sultanofswaff

    The Mets system was the most appealing to me. Looks like Walt thought the same.

    Just to reiterate what Doug has stated before, it’s not just what you receive back in trade, but also what you’ll do with all the money you’re not paying Bruce. That could go into an extension for someone or used to upgrade a position of need.

    • terry m

      Or use the saved money to sign a couple of the Cubans that the reds are interested in !!!

    • Michael Smith

      Agreed Sultan. I like some of the lower level options and Nimmo has a lot of desirable skills.

    • JB

      I’d have to think if he continues on his performance this year and is still prospect eligible he’ll enter the top 100 on most lists.

    • citizen54

      KATOH is just a model and only uses a player’s age and minor league stats in order to predict a player’s future value. The founder is still tweaking his model to determine how much each stat correlates to actual future value. Since Nimmo plays in the PCL which significantly boosts offensive stats, his ranking in KATOH is probably higher than his true ranking. Dan Farnsworth even had Nimmo ranked as the Mets 15th best prospect going into 2016. I don’t think most scouts have him in the top 100.

  11. terry m

    Just saw on the MLB -TV that it isn’t about Nimmo but one of the other 2 players involved.

  12. Michael Smith

    I give up with the guys at redleg nation today. No one seems to be happy with Nimmo as a prospect. If his basement is a good 4th outfielder and ceiling is higher then I think the reds have made a good move (assuming the other two prospects are not filler but lower level minors guys)

    • Tim

      I like it too (not even knowing who else is coming over). He’ll be an ideal No. 2 hitter if he can grow into a 10 HR, 10 SB guy, who hits .290+ with a .360+ OBP, good defense and gap power (he has averaged 30 2Bs per 600 ABs in minors – none of which is unreasonable. And it’s not like he’s in A-AA. He’s opening the door of MLB in his age 23 season.

      • Michael Smith

        I think the hatred for Walt runs deep on that sight and it blinds ppl sometimes. Nimmo has all the skill sets the reds have needed for a while. Its like getting Jesse Winker light and that is a good thing.

    • Joe

      I couldn’t agree more with you, Michael. If he ends up hitting with a .270 AVG and a .330-.340 OBP in the majors (which seems plausible) I’d say it was a good trade. With those numbers he wouldn’t be a superstar but he certainly wouldn’t be a scrub. I don’t get the hatred being posted by redleg nation.

      • cinvenfan

        I just read Chad Dotson´s and Doug´s articles over there. Don´t waste my time on the rest.

  13. Brad

    Here is hoping Homer Bailey is dominant over next 2 months. With crazy market for SP this off-season, have to imagine he is marketable to Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers, etc.

    • Jim t

      What do you think your going to get for a guy coming off elbow surgery and a big contract. I hope Homer does well but not to trade him but in our rotation. You’d never get market value for him.

  14. Alex Reds

    I’ve heard so many complaints about not having a team with high OBP except Votto… Now we get a top OBP OF and now he doesn’t slug enough, albeit .517 slugging sounds great to me. They wouldn’t be trading for Bruce if they already thought Nimmo or Conforto could do better now. I’m happy with return, between Duvall, Winker, Schebler, and now Nimmo.
    Are we really complaining that we now have 4 legit OF prospects including Duvall. How many years was LF a void..
    I’m sure glad the Reds got Nimmo, glad he’s produced, produced at AAA, and in some years and hopefully soon can be a major contributor to the Reds or make great trade bait of Duvall or one of the extra OF.

    • Joe

      I’m glad someone is pointing this out. I like the trade and the nunber of legitimate options we have for our outfield now.

  15. Scott Ledridge

    Depending on the other 2 prospects, this feels like more of what they should have gotten for Duvall.

  16. Krozley

    Dilson Herrera I think is a nice get. Top 50 before 2015 and isn’t ranked because he lost his eligibility. Only 22 I think. I wonder if he can play anywhere but 2B. If it ends up being Nimmo, Herrera, and Wotel, I think I’d be satisfied.

  17. Rhayex

    If we get Dilson and Nimmo I’m gonna be so happy .

  18. Scott from upstate NY

    I think I just heard on MLB network the one of the prospects is Dilson Herrera 2B.

  19. Steven

    Just saw on MLBTR that Nimmo is no longer in the trade.

  20. Rus

    This deal is awful wow cannot believe no Nimmo we got burnt on this one wow

    • Michael Smith

      Herrarra was a top 50 prospect who has graduated from rankings.

    • gafffer

      Herrerra is better than Nimmo, why do you say that?

  21. Norwood Nate

    I was excited about Nimmo. Don’t know much about Herrara. My initial reactions is why do we need a 2B when he won’t have anywhere to play until 2018. I’m bummed Nimmo is not in the deal, reportedly. I will have to look up Herrara’s stats before forming further opinion.

    • Norwood Nate

      Ok, after looking at some numbers I think I can get behind this trade. Certainly has the power aspect, since AA ISO’s in 180’s or higher (except .156 w/ Mets in 2015, but still that’s good). He’s shown at least average on-base skills, and probably has room to grow as he’s only 22. You’d like to see better than the 7% rate he’s putting up in AAA this year, but both short stints in MLB were encouraging with a 10.6% and 10.7%. He’ll likely need to cut down the K’s some, but they’re not horrible, and again he has some room to grow.

      I think a Herrera and Peraza middle infield will be nice to look forward to.

  22. Scott from upstate NY

    No Nimmo! Just Herrera & Wotel per J. Mayo.

  23. gafffer

    How do reporters get their info, sounds like they are eager to throw it out there and be wrong later.

  24. Kindell

    I think Dilson Herrera is a better long term get than Nimmo IMO. I think the only question is going to be his position. I think Pereza is best long term at 2B.

    The ball jumps of Herrera’s bat. The guy had a .893 OPS in AAA as a 21 year old.

    • Norwood Nate

      I think Peraza is a better fit at SS and the Reds don’t really have anyone that is starter quality in the minor leagues as SS. They have a few potential bench pieces in Daal, Trahan, and AlfRod. I think we need Peraza to stick at SS, which is why the Reds played him there almost exclusively in AAA. It’d be nice to get late news on a Cozart to M’s trade to clear room. Otherwise, get used to Peraza and Herrara sitting on the bench while Cozy and Phillips take all the ABs until 2018.

  25. JB

    Better power from Herrera, at least. And it doesn’t seem to come at the expense of plate discipline, although this year in AAA he’s sliding back towards 3:1 K to BB…Obviously the Reds liked him better than Nimmo. Looks to have a higher ceiling than Nimmo and instantly becomes the favorite for 2b after Phillips is gone, unless he finds time in the OF as well.

    • gaffer

      Seattle didn’t pull off any deals, Dutton tweets, so evidently the sides were not able to line up on Cozart.

  26. KyWilson1

    The Rangers stacked their line up, Cubs/Indians restocked the Yankees system, Boston/Baltimore/Washington/Toronto got nothing done, Dodgers and Giants made some interesting move, Nova with Pittsburg’s pitching coach could be a steal, the Reds deal got better thanks to an injury. Smart for them not to trade Cozart IMO, hold him until the offseason or next trade dead line when a team has a need. The Reds need to tell Phillips hes a bench player or hes accepting a trade so Herrera can start and Pereza fills in some there as well as 3b/CF. Schelber should get a 2 month audition now. This team should be much more fun to watch next year if healthy.

  27. Krozley

    Minor league comparison with Herrera having 208 more plate appearances.

    Herrera: .299/.362/.469/.831
    Nimmo: .278/.385/.411/.796

    They were pretty similar in prospect rankings going into 2015 when Herrera lost his eligibility. Herrera is a year younger. I think I like Herrera better than Nimmo and maybe even more than Peraza. Plus Wotell has plenty of potential. I think they did okay.

    • Greenfield Red

      We haven’t heard it Cozart has been traded. If so, I think Peraza is the new SS. I guess Herrera waits out Phillips or takes over for him.

      I’m not saying this it bad, but it’s a little weird that 6 months ago, Peraza was the 2B of the future. He was so important that the Reds had to make two trades to get him. Now he’s cast into the SS position and they’ve traded for another 2B of the future. And he has no place to play unless the Reds are willing to sit Phillips or dfa him.

      I think it’s a disservice to try do get major league ready players in a rebuild. Peraza and Herrera are major league ready and unless Cozart is gone, there is no place foe either of them. How about getting the best players you can get?

    • JB

      I think Nimmo was a bit BABIP dependent as well, although he spreads the ball round well enough to justify some bump.

  28. Tom

    Ok, so once again — where is Peraza going to play, now that the Reds didn’t trade Cozart?

    • Norwood Nate

      Or Herrera for that matter. They got good value, but again sort of put the cart before the horse. My biggest concern, is Herrera’s option status. I know he was up in 2014 (for a short time, don’t know if it were a Sept. call up) and he was up in 2015. They would have had to use an option on him this year and last year at the very least. He may need to stick on the big league club next season (if an option was used in 2014).

      I’m sure I’m far from the only one, but it will drive me insane to watch Peraza and Herrera sitting on the bench while Phillips and Cozart play every day. But nothing the Reds FO has ever done makes me believe it will turn out different.

      • Norwood Nate

        Looked it up, seems like he came up at the end of August in 2014. So, not just a normal Sept. call up. But he played at least until Sept. 20th that year, so he couldn’t have been optioned down. He started in the minors in 2011, so he probably still has an option. Which is nice, and a relief. Although, it would still be nice if our ready prospects had somewhere to play every day.

      • Norwood Nate

        That made me seriously laugh out loud. Kudos.

    • Jim t

      We will not be contending until 2018. 2B RF and SS will be open between the end of this season and next. Trading Cozart now with no contender having a need would have been giving him away. You can move him in off season and try to convince BP to go as well.having a bunch of options is not a bad thing. Not having talent for said options is a problem.

      • Norwood Nate

        But wasting development time sitting on a bench and never playing is a bad problem to have.

        I’m not that concerned they couldn’t get a Cozart trade completed today. It would have been nice because it would have opened up playing time for Peraza. We’re not doing him many favors running him out in LF other than he gets some ABs. LF will not be his future home, so it would have been nice to open a spot.

        But Cozart, if he continues to hit, will have decent value this winter. Phillips will not. He had very little last year after a bit of a revival season, but has continued to be a very poor hitter this year. I don’t know he’d be desirable or why he’d waive his no trade clause in his last year if he wouldn’t do it with 2 years left. His main reasoning he stated is because he didn’t want to move his family and turn around and do it two years later. Why would he want to do it now in a shorter turn around?

  29. cinvenfan

    Let´s not forget than more trades can be made in the offseason and perhaps holding on Cozart is a good strategy to find a better market for him over the winter. Normally, position jams solve themselves and create a healthy competition. It´s not a bad thing to have depth in order to trade from strength.

    • JB

      I agree with this. As far as I can tell the following players are in line for 3 spots: 2b, SS, CF


      Mainly, if Rodriguez pushes Peraza off SS then Hamilton may be on notice in CF. Hopefully Herrera can carry a .450 slugging % at 2b during 2018-2020.

  30. Seat101

    In my opinion, Cozart is a perfect waiver trade candidate

      • Datdudejs

        You want someone to claim him on Trade waivers. That means you have a trade partner, and only that team can trade with you. If you can’t work a deal out you just pull him back off waivers and keep him until the offseason

  31. Clammy

    Does Wotell have to be added to the 40 man roster? If so a couple candidates to be DFA’d would include Hoover, Selsky, Moscot and Daniel Wright.

    • Michael Smith

      Wotell is 19 and in rookie ball. I doubt he has to be on the 40 man.

    • Norwood Nate

      No he was drafted last year (2015) and I assume based on his age he was taken out of HS. I may be off on the exact years, but I believe drafted HS kids have 5 years before they need to be protected from Rule V.

  32. Brad

    I love it. 2B was the one question spot moving forward. I like Herrera there a lot. I like Peraza at SS much more than him at 2B.

    C: Mesoraco/Barnhart/Okey/T. Stephenson
    1B: Votto
    2B: Herrera (over Phillips in 2017 and beyond)
    3B: Suarez/Senzel
    SS: Cozart/Peraza/Alfredo Rodriguez
    LF: Schebler/Winker
    CF: Hamilton/Friedl/Trammell
    RF: Duvall/Y. Rodriguez/Ervin/Aquino

    Hope Peraza gets sent to AAA for August so he and Herrera can play together at SS and 2B.

    SP depth at lower levels is impressive with Santillan, Lopez, Kahaloa, Moss, Wottel, Jordan.

    Hope Reds can use some money saved to add another Internation player or 2: Perez, Gutierrez, Bolanos types.

    • reaganspad

      that is a smart call:

      “Hope Peraza gets sent to AAA for August so he and Herrera can play together at SS and 2B.”

    • Patrick Jeter

      Like Reagan said, great idea on sending Peraza back down so he can play with Dilson. Love it.

  33. sultanofswaff

    Ok, so what do we do with Peraza and Herrera for the next year and a half when their talent is ready now but they are being blocked? We know what Price will do given his druthers. If a full on rebuild is the mandate, the GM needs to either clear the decks via waiver wire/offseason trades or give Price explicit instructions to play the kids. Yeah, that wouldn’t go over too well in the clubhouse.

    This is a problem.

    • Norwood Nate

      This is my biggest worry for the rest of the year and especially next year. Peraza, Herrera, and Winker are big parts of the future. They need to play regularly or it will set back the rebuild.

      I think Cozart will be traded this winter, or maybe even this August if he slips through waivers. Phillips…I’m not sure we could pay someone to take him off our hands. Fortunately it looks like Herrera will likely have another option year meaning he can stay in the minors if nothing opens up.

    • Chris in NC

      You don’t seriously believe Bryan Price is keeping Peraza on the bench against the will of the front office. Do you?

  34. Hingle McCringleberry

    Terrible move. Once again, the front office in completely incompetent.

    • KyWilson1

      What were you expecting them to get? They got a pretty solid value for a player that hasn’t been good for 3 years.

  35. James K

    It reminds me of how I felt long ago when the Reds traded Tony Perez: I understand how it makes sense logically, but don’t ask me to feel good about it.

  36. CP


    If Herrera still had minor league eligibility, where would your best guess of him being in the Reds top 30 be? Would you rate his upside greater than Pereza?

    • Doug Gray

      Upside is greater than that of Peraza, though not much. With that said, I think he’s way safer to be an above-average player than Peraza is. I’d probably put Herrera at #4 right now if he were eligible. That’s just a quick, without a ton of thought put into it ranking though. But, I’d think he’d still be a Top 50 caliber prospect if he were eligible.

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        Would Wotell be a top 30 guy? If so what range?

      • Chris in NC

        Without getting too carried away, Herrera might actually be #1.

        In fact, as far as non-pitchers go, I think it’s a certainty.

      • Doug Gray

        I could see someone make that argument. Not sure I’d agree with it, but I can make it.

      • Norwood Nate

        I saw where mlb.com had already slotted Wottel in at #22 in the Reds system.

  37. Steve

    Now that the deal is done, where are they going to play? Herrera at Louisville and Wotell at Billings or AZL Reds? Doug, what is going on with Mondile and Blandino? They have not gotten into a game for more than 2 weeks. Is Weiss going to pitch at all this year? Schebler up to the Reds and see time in LF, while Duvall slides over to RF or more PT for Tyler Holt?

  38. The Emperor

    Few thoughts on today’s trade of Jay Bruce to the NY Mets.

    I’m curious as to why this took so long and what other offers were on the table for Bruce? After (almost exactly 365-days) of this Bruce trade saga fiasco, he’s finally gone —- but is this really the best package Jocketty and Williams could come away with? Last summer we heard Zack Wheeler, in spring training it was Sean Reid-Foley and Ryan Goins from Toronto, a few days ago we heard possibly Joe Panik or Matt Duffy from San Francisco — this morning it was Brandon Nimmo and finally we end up with Dilson Herrera and Max Wotell from the Mets.

    Based upon the transactions made over the last year it’s very clear that the Reds front office has turned a massive corner in terms of what they are looking for offensively out of younger players (i.e. Jose Peraza, Dilson Herrera, Nick Senzel, etc). Young, controllable talent that have multiple skill areas (speed, power, versatility) and most importantly — players that do NOT strikeout. Every player that Jocketty has targeted in the draft or via trade have high BB-to-K ratios and put the ball in play with consistency (to go along with speed and versatility). This is a massive shift from the Jay Bruce/Adam Dunn/Drew Stubbs/Todd Frazier era. The Reds “appear” to be building an offense system similar to that of Kansas City/St. Louis — where young players are brought up through the minor league system with the intention of being “complete hitters”. It’s not a coincidence that in the last five years, teams with the lowest amount of strikeouts (offensively) have either been to or ended up winning the World Series.

    * How does Dilson Herrera end up in this deal over Brandon Nimmo?

    Nimmo is the better “fit” for the Reds based off their need for immediate help in the OF. He’s LHH, a great fit for the Reds new offensive model (low K’s, high average, decent defender) but Herrera joins a long-jam in the middle INF that now consists of Cozart, Phillips, Peraza, Alex Blandino (worst 1st Round pick by the Reds in 10 years), Eugenio Suarez, Eric Jagielo (major bust so far), Nick Senzel (who could be ready by the end of 2017) and the newly signed Alfredo Rodriguez. So where exactly does Herrera fit in the Reds future plans? I realize he’s a promising young player — with a high upside — but Nimmo might have been the better fit here.

    * The one thing Jocketty/Williams have done a nice job of doing is stock piling very good arms in the minor league system. Robert Stephenson, Cody Reed and Amir Garrett are the future of the Reds rotation. Anthony DeScalfani looks like he’s a major building block for the future, if yesterday is any indication of Homer Bailey’s future – he looks like a strong bet to hold up his end on his monstrous contract, Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb, Raisel Iglesias, Michael Lorenzen and Tony Cingrani all look like strong pieces for the future. Then you throw in Rookie Davis, Keury Mella, Nick Howard (if he ever figures it out), Nick Travieso, Sal Romano, Jon Moscot, Antonio Santillan, Tyler Mahle, Jonathon Crawford (former 1st rounder who’s quietly had decent year) and now Max Wotell. Cannot argue with the arms in this system and the future the Reds have on the mound.

    It was good to finally get a conclusion to the Jay Bruce saga — but I’m curious as to what everyone’s thoughts are regarding Herrera over Nimmo.

    • John

      I disagree about blandino being the worst 1st round pick in the last 10 seasons. He’s hit in all of his pro seasons except 2016. I believe he injured himself in the off season so that is probably playing in to that. Nick Howard has been bad and isn’t even starting

      • The Emperor

        I can’t agree with you at all in regards to Blandino. Maybe not the last 10 years — but he was not an efficient 1st Round (comp) pick by the Reds. Justus Sheffield, Forrest Wall and even J.D. Davis would have been much better selections.

        Blandino is an undersized, mediocre MINF w/ fringe AVG bat speed, below average runner, minimal power, doesn’t hit for a high AVG — his best tool is his glove (and that’s a big MAYBE). He doesn’t project as anything more than MINF depth, possibly as a utility/backup platoon player (which he’ll never be with Cincinnati), so he’s basically Ryan LaMere in the INF. He was a sub career .300 hitter in the Pac-12 and now he’s a liability offensively in AA. No thanks. I coached against him in college and was never impressed — and quite frankly it shocked the Stanford coaching staff he went as high as he did.

    • RobL

      While I like a lot of what you said emperor, I gotta disagree with Nimmo being the better fit.

      Hamilton is doing just enough with the bat to justify keeping him. He is under control for three more years. Moving Nimmo to a corner doesn’t make sense with Duvall and Winker. Plus you have a surging Schebler ready to take an extended crack at a spot.

      I do agree that the Reds seem to be eyeing a speedier, more contact oriented player for up the middle. But Peraza’s lack of walks and power is a tough combo. I think Herrara leap frogs him, and is the new second baseman in waiting.

  39. Wes

    Good work Walt on this 1!

    Herrera and Peraza will both be starting up middle Spring training 2017.

    Anybody see what Brewers got to 2 relievers and a catcher today? They prob got #1 system now

    • Alex Reds

      The Lucroy trade wasn’t that great, I thought they would get more for him. However, the trade for the reliever Smith was an unbelievable return for the Brewers. Getting one of the top young SP’s in Bickford for a minimally controlled reliever with relatively poor numbers and only 22 innings with 4 blown saves is just crazy. I like the Brewers return for Smith more than the Reds return for Bruce.

  40. Herzog

    Doug, do you think the Reds will/should send both Peraza and Herrera to AAA in order to get used to playing with each other? Practice being a double play combo for the years to come? I saw that neither Schebler nor Renda were in the LOU lineup, so it just had me wondering.

  41. DHud


    Thought I’d let you know I was reading through comments on the Reds’ Facebook post announcing the trade and saw someone who had literally just copied and pasted your final paragraph.

    Apparently your writing is good enough for someone on Facebook to try to pass it off as their own, so I’d be proud if I was you!

  42. terry m

    Antone had an interesting start tonight. 8 innings and of the 24 outs were 5 k’s and 16 ground outs. 21 of the 24 outs k’s and GO. He has to throw some kind of sinker.

  43. MK

    We have an organization overstocked with second basemen and left handed pitching. So what do they acquire but a second baseman and left handed pitcher. It is like years ago when Bowden had to acquire a “5-tool outfielder” in every dea (few of whom could actually play baseball but had great tools).

    • RobL

      Gotta disagree MK. Why can you have too many lefties, but not righties. And who projects to be in the Dayton rotation next year? Santillan, Kahaloa, Andrew Jordan, Wotell, and a fifth guy. I count one, maybe two lefties. Doesn’t seem too packed to me.

  44. Ryan

    Is Lucroy’s value that significantly higher than Bruce’s? Brewers get 2 top 100 guys for him. Reds get a top 100 prospect essentially in Herara. I think they should have asked for more than Wotell for the second player though…

    • RobL

      You are forgetting about Jeffress, the Brewers’ closer. I actually thought the Brewers didn’t get enough. And yes, Lucroy is worth more if you ask me.

    • Doug Gray

      Yes. Lucroy isn’t having quite the offensive season, but it’s close. And he’s a catcher, which adds tons of additional value. Toss in that he’s also making significantly less money, and yeah, he’s got more value than Bruce.