Cincinnati Reds prospect Seth Varner has had a good season in the Arizona Fall League for the most part. He’s made five starts and four of them were solid or better. The game that he pitched on October 26th was about as bad as it gets, and it’s made his overall numbers suffer. In that outing he allowed seven runs on nine hits and a walk in 2.0 innings. In the remaining 13.0 innings that he’s pitched for Peoria he’s allowed just three runs (2.08 ERA) with nine hits allowed and two walks.

The last two starts, however, have been on a different level for the 24-year-old left hander. On November 1st he faced off against Salt River and allowed just one hit in 4.0 shutout innings and he struck out six batters. After a week off (thanks to off-days on Sundays and the Rising Stars game), Seth Varner took the mound again yesterday, also against Salt River, and his results were more of the game. 3.0 hitless innings, one walk and he struck out four batters.

The lefty seems to figured something out in the last two starts. In the first 8.0 innings of the season, spanning three starts, he managed just three strikeouts to go along with two walks. In the last two starts, spanning 7.0 innings, he’s walked just one batter and struck out 10. In the previous linked article we looked at just how many swings and misses he was getting with his change up.

That was working again on Tuesday afternoon. While the game was going on there was pitch tracking going on through Gameday, but after the game was completed it was pulled for some reason. Because of that, I can’t give exact numbers on just how each pitch was working, but can say that while I was following along live that the change up was working quite well.


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