As the trade deadline came to a close in July the rumors were flying that Zack Cozart to the Seattle Mariners were hot and heavy. The trade never came to fruition, and eventually Zack Cozart would hit the disabled list and miss time in the second half.

After the season was over, it appeared that there was still some interest from the Mariners in acquiring the Reds shortstop. Some rumors were that the two sides could revisit the proposed deal that offered Brazilian pitcher Luiz Gohara. Given how Cozart’s season ended, and how Gohara pitched in the Arizona Fall League that seemed to be a bit of a stretch as far as a return would go. Still, the Mariners had a need for a shortstop and Cozart seemed like he could fit the bill.

Well, cross them off of the list as the Mariners just traded for Jean Segura (and others) to fill that need for them. What teams could still be shopping for a shortstop that would also have interest in a soon-to-be free agent shortstop coming off of an injury is unknown, but the list is probably quite small.

With both Jose Peraza and Dilson Herrera being big league ready for 2017, moving at least one of Zack Cozart or Brandon Phillips should be a high priority for the front office. The organization needs to open up playing time for at least Jose Peraza to start the year, and it would probably be for the best if they opened up a spot for both players, cutting more than 10 years off of their middle infielders average age probably helps move forward with the rebuild sooner.

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