Let me first start things about by saying thank you to everyone. 2016 was easily the most successful year at RedsMinorLeagues.com. I’d also like to say thanks to those of you who sent in a donation over the holidays for your appreciation of the work done here at the site. I greatly appreciate the support.

The website began in January of 2006, making 2016 the 11th year that I’ve been writing about baseball on this here fad we know as the interweb. You guys visited the site just over 2,000,000 times this year (we actually got to the 2M mark on the final day of the year). That’s up 45% from where we were in 2015 (which was up 45% from the year before). So, once again, thank you so much.

The Top 10 Most Read Articles

  1. Jay Bruce traded to the Mets for Dilson Herrera and Max Wotell
  2. Cincinnati Reds 2016 Draft: Rounds 3-10
  3. An early look: Who to protect from the Rule 5 Draft
  4. Cincinnati Reds to sign TJ Friedl
  5. Cincinnati Reds Top 25 Prospect List: 6-10
  6. Robert Stephenson to start for the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday
  7. Reds 1st Round pick: 3B Nick Senzel
  8. Cincinnati Reds Top 25 Prospect List: 11-15
  9. Cincinnati reds 2016 Draft: Rounds 11-20
  10. Cincinnati Reds trade deadline discussion

If there’s something that stands out on this list, it’s that people like prospect rankings, trades and the draft. One article that doesn’t show up on the list, but was 15th on the list was actually written in 2014.

The most popular month

June was the most visited month of the year in 2016. With the draft, that was unsurprising. What was surprising was that it obliterated the site’s previous high for traffic in a month. It was 42% higher than the previous best month that the site had previously had (July of 2015). Both July and August of 2016 crushed that July 2015 mark as well.


I continue to say that we have one of the best comment sections around. For the most part we are all well behaved and even when we have disagreements, we tend to be respectful about it. As I’m writing this it’s still 2016, so this number will probably be a tad short of what it actually was, but there were 12,861 approved comments made on the site this year. That’s just from just over 11,000 a year ago.

Lots of content

This is the 864th article of the year on the site. Last year there were 785, so I put out more content and probably typed a whole bunch of words. For the second year in a row I’ve backed away from doing the Prospect Guide in favor of adding the content to the site over the offseason. It’s been a wonderful thing for my carpel tunnel during the offseason.

There were 57 videos published on Youtube for the site, which isn’t nearly as many as I wanted to have this year. I was without a capable computer for nearly two months during the season. I’m very hopeful to do many more than that in 2017.

Google is still king

When it comes to places that refer the most traffic back to the site, Google is still the top dog. They brought in 7.2% of the traffic the site saw. Twitter was next at 4.9%. Facebook was a distant third at 1.04%.

Around the world

99% of the traffic comes from the United States, but we do get some traffic from other parts of the world. Canada, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela and Australia led the way for the rest of the world. There were visitors from 135 countries in 2016. Several of which I was unaware existed.

Looking forward

The 2016 year was a very good one for the site. I’m hoping to make things even better in 2017. More articles. More video. More overall content. Time will tell how that goes, but I’m really looking forward to what we can do here.

About The Author

Doug Gray is the owner and operator of this website and has been running it since 2006 in one variation or another. You can follow him on twitter @dougdirt24, or follow the site on Facebook. and Youtube.

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