There’s some great, yet terrifying news revolving around Cincinnati Reds prospect Vladimir Gutierrez. Apparently Gutierrez and his girlfriend were robbed at gunpoint on April 20th as they left a restaurant according to the Daytona News-Journal.

Where things get crazy is that apparently the robbery was interrupted by the owner of the restaurant, who exchanged gunfire with the two suspects, who got away on that day.

One of the men, Palacio Farley, has been arrested. He was identified in another case and reported to be in the Daytona area and then spotted several days later by police. After a car chase, and a wreck, he was apprehended.

The suspect had two warrants out for his arrest. Both of them for attempted murder. The second suspect is unknown at this point. According to the article by the Daytona News-Journal, when Farley was arrested after the chase, a second person was in the car and also arrested. It’s not known if this is the same person from the robbery.

This part from the article is where things get a bit crazier:

Tortugas spokesman Luke Mauro said had not heard about the crime and the team didn’t immediately release a statement. Gutierrez is the only Tortugas player whose picture is not displayed on the team’s website.

Now, perhaps that is just public speak. But, if the team was unaware that this happened because Vladimir Gutierrez didn’t tell them…. someone should have a talk with him. There are many reasons that one would not want to tell people about this, but the team (Daytona) and the organization (the Reds) could provide help in situations like this.

The part about his photo not being on the website is also an interesting one. I noticed it a couple of days ago and just figured that it was some sort of database issue that would be fixed shortly. Now it makes a lot more sense as to why it would possibly be down. Maybe it’s time to just promote him up a level and get him out of that town.