Aristides Aquino has been swinging a hot bat lately and I wrote all about that on Saturday if you want to read about how he’s been performing during his turn around. Sunday night I was tuned into the Pensacola Blue Wahoos game in Mobile on Aquino went 1-4 but that one was an absolute blast of a home run. However, it wasn’t the distance that caught my eye, it was what his mechanics at the plate looked like. Something was different.

In the minor leagues the camera angles are very, very different. Trying to compare video from one park to the next is very tough. In Pensacola the “center field” view is almost shot from right-center. Trying to look back at the previous series in Mississippi doesn’t work, either. Their camera angle for the package is from behind the plate. To try and get a better comparison I decided to just go back to late April when the Blue Wahoos were last in Mobile so I could match up the cameras exactly.

Here’s what the swing looked like in late April.

Aristides Aquino Swing

Now, let’s take a look at what his swing looked like yesterday.

Aristides Aquino Swing

There are three big differences here. To be clear, I overlaid the videos in my editing software just to make sure that I wasn’t making things up here. The first thing is that his hands are higher to start out in the most recent clip. They aren’t significantly higher, but they certainly are higher. They are also a little bit more quiet/still as he waits for the pitcher to come to the plate. The next thing is that he’s more upright in his stance. The third, which was the thing that stood out to me while watching Sunday night, was that he’s opened up with his front leg.

All of these changes are pre-swing changes. Once he begins to load for his swing, everything is the same. The hands drop to the same spot, the swing plane, the front foot – all the same. It’s the stuff that’s happening as he prepares to start the swing that has all changed. As I noted, the angles in minor league baseball stadiums when it comes to video have such varying looks, it’s tough to pinpoint exactly when he made the changes, but they happened at some point during the month of May and they seem to really be paying off right now for the outfielder.

Gavin LaValley named to the FSL All-Star team

A wrong has been righted. Gavin LaValley was named to the Florida State League All-Star team on Monday. He was somehow left off of the team when it was first announced despite hitting .289/.340/.557 with 13 home runs on the day that the teams were announced. He now joins teammates Nick Senzel, Shed Long, Tanner Rainey and Chris Okey on the team representing the Daytona Tortugas.

Talking with Jesse Winker

The guys at Redlegs Radio Report had Jesse Winker on the show over the weekend. They host the show out of Bowling Green, Kentucky and during the season it’s on each Saturday and you can listen online at You can use this link here to check out the interview with Jesse Winker (starts around the 17-minute mark). You can also subscribe to their show via your favorite podcasting app/iTunes by searching for Redlegs Radio Report.

Lance McAllister didn’t talk with Winker, but he did talk with Louisville Bats broadcaster Nick Curran on Monday afternoon about multiple Bats players. Go give it a listen.

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