Today will see rounds 11-40 of the 2017 Major League Baseball Draft take place. This will be updated with information and picks throughout the day as they happen. A new topic will be opened for every 10 rounds today. If you are looking for information on all of the Reds picks, including those before and after this portion of the draft, you can click here and get all of that.

Cincinnati Reds 21st Round Pick: RHP Christian Lindsay-Young

The Cincinnati Reds came back from the 10-minute break to select right hander Christian Lindsay-Young out of Niagara County College.

Christian Lindsay-Young Scouting Report

The Oakland Athletics previously selected Christian Lindsay-Young (23rd round, 2016). Listed at 6′ 5″ and 201 lbs, the right hander has plenty of size to work with.

The right hander controls the strikezone well, walking just 21 batters with 185 strikeouts in 110.0 innings pitched in two years at Niagara County. His fastball works in the 88-90 MPH range and will touch a tad higher on occasion.

Here are his stats from his time at Niagara County:

1.20 52.2 27 12 79 N/A
1.57 57.1 41 9 106 2

Cincinnati Reds 22nd Round Pick: 1B Justin Bellinger

The Cincinnati Reds waited a long time to take their first 1st baseman of the draft, selecting Justin Bellinger from Duke in the 22nd round.

Justin Bellinger Scouting Report

After a big sophomore season for Duke, left handed hitting Justin Bellinger struggled mightily during his junior season, hitting just .193 in 88 at-bats. Listed at 6′ 6″ and 236 lbs, he’s a physical specimen capable of putting on batting practice shows. There’s plenty of swing-and-miss in his game, though, and that showed up throughout his three years at Duke. The power is real, but he’s limited to first base and the strikeouts will be a concern moving forward until he proves otherwise. But, you can really dream on that power playing if you can find a way to cut back on the swing-and-miss a little bit.

Here are his stats from Duke:

2015 154 6 2 1 22 63 .227 .333 .312
2016 140 10 1 7 19 43 .336 .417 .571
2017 88 6 0 2 9 26 .193 .263 .330

Cincinnati Reds 23rd Round Pick: RHP Adrian Chacon

The Cincinnati Reds tapped the college senior pool in the 23rd round, selecting righty Adrian Chacon out of the University of Tampa.

Adrian Chacon Scouting Report

The Reds made an interesting pick here with Adrian Chacon. The right handed pitcher entered the season with one inning in his three years of college. He had played catcher and first base between North Carolina (Freshman and Sophomore years) and Tamp (Junior). His one inning came in 2016 with Tampa.

In 2017 he also played in the field, racking up 75 at-bats for Tampa over 22 games played. Once again, he threw one inning on the season, a shutout frame with a strikeout.

That’s 2.0 total innings pitched in his college career. Clearly there isn’t going to be much of anything available immediately here.

Coming out of high school he was reported to have an 88-91 MPH fastball.

Cincinnati Reds 24th Round Pick: RHP Anderson DeLeon

The Cincinnati Reds go back to the junior college ranks to select right hander Anderson DeLeon out of Iowa Central Community College.

Anderson DeLeon Scouting Report

Listed at just 5′ 7″ and 150 lbs (his school lists him at 5′ 9″ and 145 lbs), Anderson DeLeon is certainly undersized as a pitcher. Despite his size, he took big steps forward in 2017 and dominated for Iowa Central.

His stats would suggest he controls the strikezone well and a scouting report that I just received backs that up. His fastball works in the low 90’s and can touch a tad higher. He also throws a change up, slider and a curveball with the slider being his go-to offering. Big time competitior.

Here are his stats from his two seasons with Iowa Central:

4.01 58.1 62 15 77 7
2.20 82.0 66 23 103 6

Cincinnati Reds 25th Round Pick: RHP Doug Norman

The Cincinnati Reds went to LSU to select right hander Doug Norman in the 25th round.

Doug Norman Scouting Report

The reliever threw 44 games in his first two seasons with LSU, but only pitched in three games during the 2017 season. He tore his UCL and underwent Tommy John surgery early in the spring.

Prior to the injury he sat in the low 90’s with his fastball. He also throws a breaking ball and a change up, though both were considered below-average offerings prior to the injury.

Here are his stats with LSU:

2.04 35.1 33 6 25 0
3.41 31.2 26 18 21 0
5.40 3.1 4 1 3 0

Cincinnati Reds 26th Round Pick: RHP Tyler Brown

The Cincinnati Reds stayed home in the state of Ohio in the 26th round, selecting right hander Tyler Brown out of Olentangy Orange High School.

Tyler Brown Scouting Report

This will likely be a tough sign as he was projected to go much higher in the draft and will likely cost over-slot money (at this point anything over $125,000). He throws his fastball in the low 90’s but can touch 96 MPH. Listed at 6′ 5″ and 225 lbs, there may even be a little more velocity in there. He already has undergone Tommy John surgery.

Cincinnati Reds 27th Round Pick: SS Clay Fisher

The Cincinnati Reds took shortstop Clay Fisher out of UC Santa Barbara in the 27th round.

Clay Fisher Scouting Report

This will be one of those picks to track in terms of signing. Entering the year, Clay Fisher was viewed as a Top 5 round player, perhaps as high as a 2nd-3rd rounder. However, he missed most of the 2017 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery in April

He’s known as a strong defender at shortstop. He’s got above-average speed to go with his defense, but his bat doesn’t have a lot that scouts believe in. He’s a lot more of a put-the-bat-on-the-ball hitter than one who has any kind of power, and even at the bat-on-ball part, scouts question whether he will hit for much of an average.

Here are his stats at UC Santa Barbara:

2015 179 8 1 0 11 33 .240 .295 .296
2016 239 15 2 1 15 32 .285 .332 .377
2017 55 2 1 2 3 12 .200 .250 .382

Cincinnati Reds 28th Round Pick: LHP Harrison “Harry” Rutkowski

The Cincinnati Reds went back to the high school ranks to select lefty Harrison Rutkowski from Woodbridge High School in New Jersey.

Harrison “Harry” Rutkowski Scouting Report

The Cincinnati Reds brought in a handful of players last Friday for a workout in preparation for the draft and Harrison Rutkowski was one of those players. He reportedly hit as high as 93 MPH during the workout according to

From, and there’s even more at this link, Reds scout Lee Seras said this:

“My job is to seek talent and Harry certainly is a talent,” Seras said. “He’s lost weight (in the past two years) and trimmed his body. When he gets that man strength in a couple of years, he’ll be a dominant force as a pitcher. His arm is good. He has great breaking pitches and his changeup is very good. He can touch 91 and 92 (mph). When his core tightens up, that will factor into (increasing) his velocity.”

The same article notes that he had a 1.11 ERA in high school over 244.0 innings where he had 348 career strikeouts.

Cincinnati Reds 29th Round Pick: OF A.J. Bumpass

The Cincinnati Reds stayed in Cincinnati when they selected outfielder A.J. Bumpass from the University of Cincinnati.

A.J. Bumpass Scouting Report

A.J. Bumpass is a draft eligible sophomore who turned 21 on May 30th. He made big improvements from his freshman year to his sophomore seasons. He got significantly more playing time and he improved in every aspect. Bumpass cut his strikeout rate from 30% to 18.9% and bumped his walk rate up to 13% while showing more power as well.

Baseball America ranked him as the 9th best prospect from the state of Ohio in the draft.

Here are his stats while at Cincinnati:

2016 87 2 2 2 9 29 .172 .258 .310
2017 216 15 4 7 33 48 .287 .384 .491

Cincinnati Reds 30th Round Pick: LHP Garrett Schoenle

The Cincinnati Reds went back to the high school ranks to grab Garrett Schoenle out of Northrop High School in Indiana.

Garrett Schoenle Scouting Report

Garret Schoenle was the Indiana High School Gatorade Baseball Player of the Year in 2017. He throws his fastball in the high 80’s and has touched 92 MPH. He’ll also throw a curveball in the mid-70’s and a change up around 80 MPH.  He posted a 0.75 ERA in 37.1 innings with 60 strikeouts during his senior season.

He’s also a 1st baseman and outfielder and seems to want to do both at the college level. That could come into play with his decision. It does sound like the money, as always, could be the deciding factor.

He will be signing with Cincinnati, but the question is whether that will be with the University of Cincinnati Bearcats where he’s committed for baseball, or the Cincinnati Reds will be the question.