We’ve actually gone two weeks since the last time this article ran. That gives us a much longer list of home runs to look at. The home runs we are looking at this week are for games between June 17th and June 30th. The Billings Mustangs and AZL Reds began their seasons in that time. I have been able to get some limited numbers from some home runs bit by Mustangs players. No one for the AZL Reds has homered yet this season, but we won’t be getting any information on those if and when they do unless I happen to make the trip out later this year to take in some games.

When we are looking at one week of home runs we only go with the top 10 longest home runs of the week, but with two weeks of information we are going to look at the Top 20 list:

Day Player Distance
26-Jun Gavin LaValley 420
25-Jun Francis Azcona 403
28-Jun Tyler Stephenson 403
23-Jun Jose Siri 401
17-Jun Jose Siri 399
18-Jun Alex Blandino 397
24-Jun Jose Siri 396
22-Jun John Sansone 392
25-Jun Jose Siri 381
21-Jun Leandro Santana 380
28-Jun John Sansone 379
23-Jun Darnell Sweeney 378
17-Jun Dilson Herrera 375
20-Jun Cedric Hunter 369
30-Jun Josh VanMeter 367
23-Jun Taylor Trammell 365
16-Jun Alex Blandino 364
30-Jun Tyler Goeddel 364
21-Jun Andy Sugilio 362
16-Jun Adrian Nieto 360

Usually there’s some video from the MiLB Youtube channel, but they’ve really been slacking on adding video highlights from Reds minor league games over the last two weeks. That 420 foot home run by Gavin LaValley on June 26th tied for the 10th longest homer of the year in the system that we’ve got information on. Here’s the Top 10 on the season:

Date  Player  Distance
4-Jun Aristides Aquino 437
22-May Brian O’Grady 435
14-Jun Taylor Trammall 430
31-May Sebastian Elizalde 430
17-May Bruce Yari 430
4-Jun Brandon Dixon 425
5-Jun Brandon Dixon 424
22-Apr Blake Butler 422
18-Apr Gavin LaValley 422
14-May Dilson Herrera 420
1-May Aristides Aquino 420
26-Jun Gavin LaValley 420

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