The Cincinnati Reds signed 19-year-old Cuban shortstop Jose Garcia over the summer right before the 2016-17 International signing period ended. Despite being signed in early June, Garcia has yet to play in a game. A month ago I provided an update on what was going on and why he hadn’t played.

Within past week Jose Garcia was finally able to arrive in the Dominican Republic.  It took a while to get everything in order, but he’s now at the teams facility in the Dominican.

While he was essentially waiting around for everything to get taken care of, Jose Garcia was practicing and working out. Unfortunately, the Dominican Summer League only has 10 games remaining this year.

Wyatt Strahan continues to pitch well

Wyatt Strahan began the 2017 season on the disabled list. The 24-year-old right hander was recovering from Tommy John surgery. He returned to the mound in June with the Daytona Tortugas. The first two starts were a bit rough as he allowed eight runs in 7.0 innings.

The nine starts that have come since those first two have been outstanding. From June 29th through today, Wyatt Strahan has thrown 50.0 innings with a 2.34 ERA. That’s come along with just 38 hits allowed, nine walks and he’s struck out 38 batters in that span. He’s also been getting a high rate of ground balls since returning, too, with a 52% ground ball rate.

He will turn 25-years-old in April of next year, so he’s not on the young side of things. Losing a year to Tommy John surgery will usually set guys a bit behind when it comes to the age-versus-level thing, but as you can see in the video above, he’s still showing some good stuff. The fastball moves, the breaking ball flashes itself quite well. The change up showed a bit of promise, too.

Phillip Ervin notches his first homer

After getting nearly no playing time in his previous two call ups, Phillip Ervin got into the Reds game last night in a double switch. The outfielder took advantage of the playing time and hit his first home run, which was also his first hit (in four total at-bats). The home run went an estimated 380 feet, but took a bounce that went right out of the stadium. He’s probably not going to be with the club long as Scott Schebler is already on his rehab assignment, but I’d expect Ervin to return in September.

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