The Cincinnati Reds placed four players on waivers. Right handed pitcher Luke Farrell didn’t clear and was claimed by the Chicago Cubs. Three other right handed pitchers did clear waivers though and were all outrighted to Louisville. Alejandro Chacin, Asher Wojciechowski and Nick Travieso were all cleared and remain with the organization for now.

For Luke Farrell, this is the fourth organization he’s been a part of in 2017. He began the year with the Royals, who drafted him back in 2013. Then he was purchased by the Dodgers from Kansas City in July. They would put him on waivers two weeks later and he was then claimed by the Reds. He made nine appearances for the Reds out of the bullpen, posting a 2.61 ERA with seven walks and seven strikeouts.

Nick Travieso missed all of the 2017 season with a shoulder injury that wound up leading to surgery. He was technically on the big league roster all year and spent the season on the 60-day disabled list. For that he earned big league pay – don’t spend it all in one place, Nick. However, with the 40-man roster crunch upon the Reds it made sense to try and sneak him through waivers now, coming off of an injury when it was unlikely another team would take a chance on picking him up before showing he’s healthy.

Alejandro Chacin saw limited action in the big leagues toward the end of the year in 2017. The 24-year-old Venezuelan appeared in six games and threw 6.0 innings. He allowed 11 hits and four walks while giving up seven runs and striking out six batters. He struggled in his debut season at the big league level. While in Triple-A earlier in the year, however, he was dominant for the Bats. He posted a 2.60 ERA in 69.1 innings with 27 walks and 63 strikeouts.

Asher Wojciechowski was up and down throughout the season for the Cincinnati Reds. He began the year in Louisville before joining the Reds in late May. He stuck around for a month before heading back to Triple-A. He was there for a little more than a week before returning to the Major Leagues. For the most part, he pitched very well in the Majors once he returned. Three games really messed up his ERA, though. On August 14th he allowed seven runs in 3.2 innings to the Cubs. A little more than a week later they roughed him up for seven more in the same number of innings. In his final appearance, also against the Cubs, he allowed four runs in 1.1 innings. His ERA from July through the end of the year versus the Cubs was 17.60 in 8.2 innings. His ERA against everyone else in that span was 3.34. In total with the Reds his ERA was 6.50 in 62.1 innings with 19 walks, 14 home runs allowed and 64 strikeouts.

The Reds 40-man roster is now sitting at 41 players, including those still on the 60-day disabled list. That includes free agents to be Drew Storen, Scott Feldman and Bronson Arroyo. Once the season is officially complete that puts the Reds at 38 players. They will still need to likely make room to protect players from the upcoming Rule 5 draft, but those won’t need to be made until the 4th week of November.

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    • Andrew

      Minus Cozart but plus FInnegan and DeSclafani. Factor those in and it is 38 per the Reds website. I think Doug is saying 38 factoring those 3 above players

      I am interested to see Dick Ws approach to the upcoming roster crunch. Reds have built a lot of borderline depth that seem like interchangeable spare parts. Don’t get me wrong that talent is necessary to win so i think it will be intriguing to see the strategy Dick uses to slip as many players through to protect some guys and perhaps add a little through FA.

      • Norwood Nate

        Ok, I guess I’m confused as to how the math works. If there are 41 on the roster including the 60-day DL guys and FA’s, and there are 4 FA’s then I still come up with 37 guys (counting Disco and Finnegan coming back on).

      • Norwood Nate

        Yes, I looked at the roster. I counted 41 players. Like Doug said in his article. That’s counting 5 guys on the 60-day DL three of which are set to be FA’s. Adding Cozart makes 4 of the 41 players on that roster set to leave. When Disco and Finnegan are added back there will be 37 roster spots accounted for.

  1. terry m

    BA has the first mock draft for 2018 up. Has reds picking Gorman a HS 3B power hitter.

  2. Krozley

    Am I correct in saying Chacin and Wojo can declare free agency when the time comes, but Travieso remains in the fold unless someone takes him in the Rule 5 draft?

  3. Simon Cowell

    I am not certain that we will miss Farrell all that much. He was starting to come into his own but still didn’t look like he would ever be anything but a middle innings eater.

  4. Pat

    Via the Travieso injury logic does Rookie Davis get left off with a hip injury and his 2017 performance? Would he pass through waivers? Interesting choices begin for the Reds future – when you stockpile talent you can get too much.

    • RFM

      A big difference is that Rookie Davis has a relatively minor injury and should be healthy for spring training. Travieso had major surgery and the recovery timetable may force him to start 2018 on the DL after missing all of 2017.

      I think Rookie Davis would definitely be claimed. Maybe it would only be with the intention of trying to slip him through waivers again and outright him into another team’s farm system, but once he’s claimed he’s lost to the Reds. I mean, Luke Farrell was just claimed, it’s not like he’s any better than Rookie Davis.

  5. Shawn

    Need to add Blandino, Herget, long, Lopes, Weiss. Anybody else? Jagialo or Longhi?

    • Matthew O'Neal

      Jose Siri and Gavin LaValley. Herget however, does not need protection yet. Maybe Robert Stock. So that’s 6 or 7 players for 2 open spots (assuming that Cozart doesn’t resign). I think that the other roster spots come from Adleman, Wallach, Kivlehan, and Vincej.
      I also personally think that LaValley is only borderline to be protected.

      • shawn

        I would add Siri, forgot about him, I had Herget on the list because I expect him to make opening day roster but we could add him after the draft. I would also add LeValley if he needs protecting.

      • The Duke

        I think Lavalley wouldn’t get taken in the rule 5. He’d be dead weight on an MLB bench right now. He has power, but is likely limited to 1B and struggled with contact in his first taste of AA.

    • Doug Gray

      Jesus Reyes. Wyatt Strahan is an interesting one. Coming off TJ, only pitched half a year in Daytona, is already 24, but he’s got a good arm, flashed good stuff this year, could be a guy you could probably toss in a bullpen right now and I wouldn’t be shocked if he could perform in the right spots.

  6. shawn

    We have 38 players on the $0 man roster. Need to add Siri, LaValley, Blandino, Long, Lopes, weiss and 1 of Jagalio and Longhi. for a total of 7. That means 5 more have to come off the roster. who would you leave off?
    my choices. Feldman, Mella, Storen, Turner or Wallach, Cozart, Aquino.
    I could see several spots opening up thru trades. Duval, Schebler, Hamilton, Scooter, Iglesias and a few of our AAA pitchers.

    • Matthew O'Neal

      Being on the 60 day DL, Feldman and Storen don’t count as part of the 38. Also, I personally believe thatthe only one on your list to get the ax will be Wallach, for the sole reason of being the 4th catcher on the roster.

      • MK

        What a difference a year makes. At this time last year Aquino was the second coming of Frank Robinson now there are those who would give him away.AA is a big transition and though a guy like Alex Blandino took three seasons to figure it out support for him never wavered and he never had the numbers in Daytona that A-Square had.

      • The Duke

        Eh, more than a few people had written Blandino off. Few still see him as more than a future utility player.

      • Shawn

        Wouldn’t want to lose him but I couldn’t see anyone claiming him and keeping him on the roster all year

  7. Shawn

    I think trades may solve some of our 40 man roster log jam