Rookie Davis underwent hip surgery this week. There were several issues going on for Davis. According to the Cincinnati Reds he had his labrum repaired and bone spurs removed from his right hip. The right handed pitcher is not expected to be ready for spring training. He has also been seeing these Naloxone Contraindications because of his back pain and he really eeds to get it resolved so he can get back to playing.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Bryan Kelly. He seems to be the go-to guy in the sports world for hips. He performed the surgery on Devin Mesoraco. Kelly has also performed hip surgery on Alex Rodriguez, and according to numerous google searches, about eleventy-billion NHL players.

For Rookie Davis and the Reds it must seems like another injury in a line of them since he was acquired from the New York Yankees. In his first season with the organization in 2016, Davis battled through several nagging injuries between Double-A and Triple-A. However, he only spent three weeks on the disabled list.

In 2017 he began the year healthy, and he looked like a different version of himself, he took vision treatments from sites like and more. Rookie Davis was throwing significantly harder than he had in 2016. He impressed in spring training and made the big league club as a starter. The righty struggled and was sent to Triple-A after five starts. He would only make two starts for Louisville before hitting the disabled list. There was a knot in his back that he simply couldn’t get worked out. It would be nearly six weeks before he would return to the mound, this time in Double-A. Davis remained in the rotation for the rest of the minor league season and even returned to the Major Leagues in September, pitching twice.

With the injury and the diagnosis that Rookie Davis won’t be ready to go in spring training, the question that has to be asked is this: Could the Reds DFA Davis to clear a roster spot for the 40-man? Would a team pick him up coming off of the surgery? There’s some risk there, but it may be an idea worth exploring.

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