During the 2017 regular season, Jose Peraza didn’t see much action at shortstop. When he did play shortstop it was only when Zack Cozart was injured – but a majority of his time came at second base. As things sit today, the Cincinnati Reds only have Jose Peraza as an every day option for shortstop in 2018. That could change before April, but that’s where things stand right now.

Jose Peraza’s plan was to play in the Venezuelan Winter League during the offseason. He told Mark Sheldon of Reds.com that he planned to play shortstop every day down there to prepare for the role in 2018.That plan didn’t go as planned.

The first three games that were played by Jose Peraza all saw him starting at second base, not shortstop. Over the next week he would slide over to shortstop and start six games there. That was in late October. Peraza hasn’t played since.

According to Meridiano.com.ve the infielder hasn’t played since at the request of the Cincinnati Reds. Jose Peraza only played in six games at shortstop before he was shut down. At the plate, he held his own. He went 12-38 (.316) with two walks and two strikeouts. That also came with a double and a triple, posting a .745 OPS.

No one seems to be reporting why the Reds shut down Jose Peraza. It’s possible that he tweaked something and the Reds decided it wasn’t worth keeping him out there. Though, if that were the case it would probably have been noted in the Meridiano article, and it wasn’t. I don’t want to speculate beyond that, but there are only so many reasons to request someone stops playing.


C. Trent Rosecrans tweeted this out a few minutes ago:

A source told me something very similar to what Trent is reporting within the last 10 minutes as well.

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