Cincinnati Reds outfield prospect Jose Siri injured his thumb in a collision with the wall in center field on Friday afternoon. The 22-year-old left the game after the play, talking off under his own power. After the game it was reported that he bent his thumb backwards and had the wind knocked out of him.

There wasn’t much of an update on Friday beyond that, though. This morning, however, we did get an update and it wasn’t as good as the team hoped. But, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, either. C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic was the first to report the update with a time frame involved:

A couple of weeks isn’t an exact number. It could mean two weeks. It could mean four weeks. What we know for sure, though, is that Jose Siri won’t see the field for a while. It’s unfortunate, but it could have been worse. While he was in big league camp, Siri was not playing for a spot on the big league roster. The experience would have been very beneficial for him, without question. But he was going to the minors at some point during the spring.

The bigger question at this point is will this injury keep Jose Siri out of the opener for the Minor League season? While Major League Baseball gets started at the end of March this year, the Minor League season doesn’t begin until April 5th. That’s six weeks out. Minor League position players don’t report for spring training until March 4th. The first game this spring for Minor League players isn’t until March 17th. If the time table for return for playing is 2-3 weeks for Siri, it would seem there’s plenty of time for him to be ready to go for the regular season. But if you push that out to four weeks, or more, then things get a bit more dicey.

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