Dilson Herrera is still recovering from the shoulder surgery that he had last season. His 2017 campaign came to an end on July 21st, though most of July was spent not playing regularly. It signaled the end of the year, but hopefully the start of a healthy shoulder moving forward. 2017 was the third consecutive season in which Herrera had been dealing with something going on in his shoulder – dating back to his time with the New York Mets.

This spring things haven’t gone quite as hoped for Dilson Herrera. He’s been able to swing the bat and hit just fine. But, he hasn’t been able to play in the field as much because his shoulder just hasn’t been ready to handle the every day workload of it. Games that count begin in less than three weeks for the Cincinnati Reds. And Dilson Herrera is out of options.

That begs the question: Will Dilson Herrera be placed on the disabled list to begin the regular season, and when he’s ready to play every day, be sent to Triple-A Louisville on a rehab assignment? At this point, it would seem that has at least a decent chance of happening.

Position players used to be able to rehab for 30 days in the Minor Leagues before having to return to the Majors. That is no longer the case. Now, pitchers get 30 days, but position players only get 20. Being out of options and not being able to play in the field right now doesn’t help the Reds or Herrera. They would like to see how he can field, in games, at third base and second base. On the big league club, at least for now, he’s vying for a utility role. And they haven’t had a chance to see him do much at third.

If he remains in Goodyear to begin the season because he’s on the disabled list, that could allow the organization, even if not the big league staff, time to evaluate whether he can play third base and make the throws. When he’s healthy enough to play every day, he can go to Louisville. That will provide nearly three weeks time to play him around the field, get him ready, and evaluate the defense a little bit further.

Maybe this is all just speculation for writing an articles sake. Perhaps next week his shoulder will be ready to go and he’ll get two weeks of game action in Goodyear and ready to go on Opening Day with the Reds. But for now, it seems that a little bit of rehab in Triple-A to begin his season may be a realistic possibility.

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