The Dayton Dragons outfield may have taken a hit on Friday night in Bowling Green. Andy Sugilio, starting in center field on the evening, exited the game in the 3rd inning. He would ground out in the top of the 3rd, and after he ran through the base he would go to the ground and grab at his hamstring according to multiple reports (online, relayed to me by someone in attendance that I trust, and the Dayton Dragons radio broadcast).

After remaining down for a minute or two, Andy Sugilio would walk off of the field on his own. At the very least that’s a good sign. But, it was noted in the Dayton Dragons official game recap that he was initially diagnosed with a strained hamstring. The switch hitter was 3-7 on the season with a double before exiting the game with the injury.

Nick Longhi leaves Pensacola’s game early

It wasn’t just Andy Sugilio making an early exit on Friday night. In the 8th inning of the Blue Wahoos game, Nick Longhi was hit by a pitch. The ball bounced in the batters box and then caught him in the upper shin/lower knee area on his right leg. The outfielder initially remained in the game to run the bases. But, when the bottom of the 8th inning began he was replaced in the field by CJ McElroy.

Scott Moss dominates for Daytona on Friday

After leading the Midwest League with 156 strikeouts in the 2017 season, Scott Moss got an early start at taking the same crown in the Florida State League in 2018. On Friday night the left hander struck out nine batters in 5.0 innings. He also didn’t walk a single hitter, holding Florida to just one run.

While Scott Moss would probably like to not lead another league in strikeouts this season because it would mean he was likely promoted to at least one other level, the lefty currently sits atop the Florida State League in strikeouts. Two other starters have racked up seven in their respective games this season.