After a scare on Saturday evening in Toledo where Nick Senzel left the game after diving for a ball and hurting his shoulder, the Cincinnati Reds top prospect returned to the Louisville Bats lineup on Monday evening. And boy, did he ever return. In his first plate appearance of the game he clobbered a ball to center field off of the wall and raced around the bases for an inside-the-park-home-run. He would draw two walks later in the game, and steal a base. In the field he also made what has to be his best defensive play of the year so far. He ranged behind the bag at second and made a jump-throw to first to beat the runner. You can see it, and the home run, in the video below.


Nick Senzel is one of those guys who goes all out. On easy ground outs he’s the guy giving it 100% down the line. His inside-the-park-home-run went down, unofficially, in 14.54 seconds. The official tater-trot tracker didn’t last but for a few seasons, but that time would rank quite well for ones that they were tracked.

While there are probably a few defensive plays that I have missed this season for Nick Senzel, I have seen most of them. This one, if anyone had an doubt as to whether he had the range to play second base, should clear up any notion about if he can handle the position. Athleticism. Arm strength. He showed both on that play.

Zack Weiss & Phillip Ervin to the Louisville Disabled List

On Sunday afternoon Zack Weiss left his relief appearance in the middle of an at-bat after throwing a pitch. It was clear immediately that he knew he had injured himself. What wasn’t clear is what he had injured. With a pitcher you always worry about the elbow or shoulder. Fortunately it turns out that it was not either of those. Unfortunately it was his oblique that he strained, and we know that those can take a while to recover from.

Phillip Ervin was also placed on the disabled list on Monday before the game. He injured his thumb in the only game he played with the Bats after being sent back from Cincinnati. He’s not expected to miss much time, though, according to Jason Linden.

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