Cincinnati Reds top prospect Nick Senzel is reportedly going to miss the remainder of the 2018 season. He’s going to require surgery on his throwing hand after suffering a ligament injury last night in Louisville.

This was apparently first reported at a season ticket member event at Great American Ballpark. Several in attendance shared the information that came from Reds General Manager Nick Krall.

The Cincinnati Reds have just confirmed the truth to it via a release on twitter.

It’s a bummer for Nick Senzel, who was arguably the hottest hitter in minor league baseball at the time of the injury. He simply has not had a good run of things the last 8 months between battling vertigo and now this.

At the time of the injury Nick Senzel was hitting .310/.378/.509 for the Louisville Bats in 44 games played this season. The Reds had been unsure of exactly where he would fit into their lineup in the immediate future. With how he had been playing, though, the time was coming to a point where they almost had to make something happen. That decision can now be delayed. At least for a little bit of time. The Reds will still need to decide what to do with Nick Senzel and Scooter Gennett soon, though.


It sounds like there’s a chance that Nick Senzel could return from surgery/injury/rehab/all that jazz in time to play in the Arizona Fall League. I can’t find the start date for the season this year, but last year it was October 10th. It will be in that same range again this season. It’s going to be a while until those teams are announced. And it will be a while before the team knows if Senzel can be ready to play by then. But that would bring some excitement to following the Arizona Fall League for the Reds, who have lacked a top end prospect on the roster for quite a while.

Second Update:

Nick Senzel put this out on twitter at 1pm.

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