The Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox are reportedly very interested in acquiring Cincinnati Reds closer Raisel Iglesias according to Boston reporter Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe. It’s not terribly surprising that Raisel Iglesias would be garnering attention from contenders. He’s among the best relievers in all of baseball, and has been since he made the move to the bullpen. This season his ERA sits at 2.08, and over the last three seasons it’s at 2.43 in 189.0 innings with 213 strikeouts and just 65 walks.

Being dominant isn’t the only reason that a team would be interested in acquiring the right-handed pitcher, though. He also has plenty of team control remaining before free agency. That’s one reason why the Reds may want to hold onto him. Raisel Iglesias isn’t a free agent until after the 2021 season. This will give Cincinnati plenty of ability to say no to deals that aren’t just right because they don’t have to accept a deal simply because it will be better than getting nothing for him.

What do the Reds need and what can they get?

The Houston Astros have one of the better farm systems in baseball. The Boston Red Sox do not. However, there’s nothing that says that you have to only acquire prospects in a deal with either team. It’s unlikely that a trade wouldn’t involve minor league players, of course, but they won’t have to be exclusively minor leaguers.

With the Cincinnati Reds, if they are looking at acquiring “needs”, there are plenty of places to look. You can never have enough starting pitching. The team has some big holes at shortstop in the minor leagues. Center field could possibly by a need in the short term – but with outfielders you can always slide guys to corners if they can hit and there’s already an option in center.

Looking through the farm systems for both teams, and maybe even the big league squads, who would you be targeting in a deal for Raisel Iglesias? The package required would likely be a very significant one given his contract and money owed.