Today kicks off the 2018-19 international signing period. The Cincinnati Reds are not expected to make much of a splash this year, at least in terms of making the headlines. That, of course, is because they are unable to sign any player for more than $300,000. This will be their second and final year under penalty for spending over their allotment in the 2016-17 signing period.

That doesn’t mean that they won’t have some headlines on the day, though. Last July 2nd the team traded away a big portion of their pool allotment to the Boston Red Sox. That deal brought them first baseman/outfielder Nick Longhi. Later in the year they would make similar trades to acquire right handed pitcher Miguel Medrano and outfielder Randy Ventura.

What could be interesting to keep an eye on, though, is something that Fangraphs had over the weekend. The 14th ranked prospect eligible to sign this year is linked to the Cincinnati Reds. Alexander Vargas, a 16-year-old shortstop from Cuba has an estimated signing bonus nearing $3,000,000. That is clearly beyond the Reds ability to make happen this year, but Fangraphs is reporting that they believe he will wait until the next signing period (July 2019) to sign.

Bringing in more draft picks

Yesterday it was reported that the Cincinnati Reds had reached an agreement with 1st round selection Jonathan India. Later in the day C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic reported that the Reds would also be bringing in 4th round pick Mike Siani and 14th round pick Mike Byrne for physicals. The Mike Siani deal has reportedly been agreed upon for quite a while – but as noted several times, until the team agreed with Jonathan India to be sure the pool money worked out in their favor and didn’t cost them future draft picks. Byrne, however, is new news. He, like India, played with the Florida Gators this year.

Dilson Herrera keeps on raking

Last night in Toledo Dilson Herrera hit a grand slam for the Louisville Bats. It was his 9th home run of the season, and his 7th for the Bats in 47 games played. He’s hitting .299/.369/.471 for Louisville since being called up in May from Daytona.


He’s been hitting well since the start of June. Inn 24 games played he’s gone 31-92 with seven doubles and four homers. That’s good for a line of .337/.426/.543 for the Bats in that span. He’s starting to make things real interesting for the Reds and what exactly it is that they are going to have decide on with him, both as they approach the trade deadline and the end of the season.

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